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Delta Force Reload

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Welcome to Delta Force Reload Home of Delta Force Reload Forums
Delta Force Reload Forums has 2687 topics / 15080 posts / 1169 members
Hot Topics At The Moment Are:
Baldo's Anti-No-Topic-Activity Thread
The Newest Post Is: Baldo's Anti-No-Topic-Activity Thread
Our Member of The Day For Today is: None
Please Welcome Our Newest Member: Deeagle

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» oops...
info.gif Posted by Eagle_Eye On 15-8-14 at 13:49
Oops. forgot they were migrating us to a new server, forgot to update the dns..

All good now..



» no subject
info.gif Posted by Eagle_Eye On 1-5-14 at 10:37
LOL, well, rest assured, this time it wasn't you..

Hey, I saw you pop up on TS3 last night, sorry I didn't have time to drop in and say hi, I hope too at some time have a chat to you :)

Thanks for your ongoing support to this site too :)


» Map Names..
info.gif Posted by Eagle_Eye On 14-7-13 at 19:42
HI Guys, we've had a bit of trouble with our host.

They have a new Trademark script which looks for files with names that might conflict with tradmark names.

This has shut the site down twice in the last week.

Please do not use names of Movies or any trade marked item as a map name.

Those of you with FTP access, please do not upload any files that will set off this script.

Many Thanks

EE & Iceman

» JO Lobby
info.gif Posted by Iceman On 1-5-13 at 15:04
The Joint Operations Lobby is back up and running a bit short of 3 weeks :F.

Iceman :R

» Site Preventative Maintenance
smug.gif Posted by Iceman On 9-4-13 at 07:32
The maintenance is scheduled as follows:

DATE: May 3rd, 2013 @ 10:00pm (EDT)
MAINTENANCE WINDOW: 03/16/2010 @ 10:00pm - 2:00am (EDT)

The specific maintenance involves extensive file-system check (FSCK) of the server's hard drive partitions. While there are no current problems with this server, the FSCK will act as preventative maintenance and significantly reduce the risk of problems occurring in the future.

Thank you


» DFReloads Map Data Base
info.gif Posted by M*O*B On 29-9-12 at 03:17
For those that may have not noticed, our map data base is expanding in all categories. With Eagle Eyes help, I've been taking maps from the DFBarracks data base and slowly adding them here for our members to download. I've noticed that expanded maps have been getting a lot of attention, but if you didn't know about it, I thought this quick note be be of value to you. So look around, and if you have any new maps to add to it, don't forget to upload them here.

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