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IC:Europe Version 2.0 patch
Description: The patch can be installed on top of versions:1.0.5, 1.0.6, 1.1.6
Creator: IC Mod Team
Uploaded By: EE
Size: 37.69 Mb
Type: application/octet-stream
Screenshot: Click to view original image size of 500 X 375.
Date Added: 21-2-09
Last Download: 26-5-23
Rating: 5/105/105/105/105/10 (1 Vote)
Views: 29925
Downloads: 6458


Dowload Details
CHANGELOG - ICE BUILD v1.0.5/1.0.6/1.16 to v2.0.0 patch


Increased - Ground Vehicles Climb Ability
Increased - HP for all Soft Skinned Ground Vehicles
Increased - HP for LittleBirds and NB105s
Increased - Turning Ability BlackHawk/Puma/LittleBird/NB105
Increased - HP for Main Battle Tanks
Increased - Accuracy MLRS
Increased - Damage MLRS Ammo
Increased - Blast Radius MLRS
Increased - Damage Arty Ammo
Increased - Blast Radius Arty
Increased - Blast Radius GBU-31
Increased - Overheat rate on ZSU-23-4 and Gepard

Reduced - All Ground Vehicles Speed by Approx 5%
Reduced - HP on ZSU 23-4 and Gepard
Reduced - Ammo Weight on ZSU 23-4 and Gepard
Reduced - Splash Damage on ZSU 23-4 and Gepard
Reduced - Ammo Damage on Main Battle Tanks

Updated - Armor on Wiesels (7.62mm Ammo has No Effect)
Updated - Sams and SideWinders
Updated - BMD3 (made amphibious)
Updated - Tracked Rapier (fixed gunner's feet sticking out)
Updated - 2s19mstas howitzer (fixed collision boxes)

Added - UN MH-6 Littlebird
Added - UN BRDM
Added - T-80 (snow camo)
Added - BTR-80 (snow camo)
Added - SUV with 50cal (snow camo)
Added - SUV with Mk19 (snow camo)
Added - Attack vehicle with 50cal (snow camo)
Added - Attack vehicle with Mk19 (snow camo)
Added - ZSU-23-4 Shilka (Snow camo)
Added - 2s19MSTAS (Snow camo)
Added - Leopard2 (Snow camo)
Added - Marder (Snow camo)
Added - Roland (Snow camo)
Added - Gepard (Snow camo)
Added - PZH200 (Snow camo)
Added - M113 APC with 50cal and armory (green camo)
Added - M163 Vulcan SPAAG (green camo)
Added - M113 APC with 50cal and armory (snow camo)
Added - M163 Vulcan SPAAG (snow camo)
Added - CH-47 (snow camo)
Added - MI-24E (snow camo)
Added - BRDM-2 (snow camo)
Added - SA-9 Gaskin (snow camo)
Added - AH-1z Viper (hellfire)
Added - AH-1z Viper (hydra)


Renamed - M82 to M107
Increased - P90 Ammo Weight
Increased - PSG1/PSG1SD Zoom from 10x to 14x
Increased - PSG1SD Effective Range to From 300m to Approx 450m
Increased - PSG1SD Ammo Weight
Increased - Mortar Blast Radius
Increased - Mortar Damage (Can Damage/Destroy Attack Choppers)
Increased - AT Mines Damage

Reduced - HK416 Ammo Weight
Reduced - "Dragon" 120mm mortar range (~950m)

Updated - Stinger
Updated - All Weapon Weights
Updated - HK416 sound

Player Skins:

Added - Russian infantry winter camo
Added - German infantry winter camo
Added - JSOF: Swedish winter camo
Added - JSOF: Danish winter camo
Added - JSOF: Finnish winter camo

Added - low poly church
Added - low poly farm house
Added - urban house 1
Added - destroyed building 1
Added - small village house 1
Added - small factory building
Added - city base block
Added - civilian control tower
Added - torpedo factory
Added - destroyed bunker
Added - re-skinned IC cityblocks 1, 2, 3,4
Re-skinned - IC cityblock 5

Added - Single metal barrel (S&D)
Added - Group of metal barrels (S&D)
Added - Single wooden crate (S&D)
Added - Group of wooden crates2 (S&D)
Added - Group of wooden crates3 (S&D)
Added - Static BTR (S&D)

Updated - TRNs (reduced grass size to reduce lag)

Added - IC FlatSnow terrain
Added - IC Snow1 terrain

FX Effects:
Flares - reduced particle effect and removed smoke trails to improve frame rate

General updates:
A lot of vehicle, buildings and weapons textures have been resized to improve overall performance
Posted by Eagle_Eye on 21-2-09 at 18:27

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