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IC Europe V1.1.6 patch
Description: Patches IC Europe V1.0.5 or 1.0.6 to V1.1.6
Creator: IC Mod Team
Uploaded By: EE
Version: V1.1.6
Size: N/A
Type: N/A
Screenshot: Click to view original image size of 500 X 375.
Date Added: 28-1-09
Last Download: 7-4-23
Rating: 8/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/10 (1 Vote)
Views: 14362
Downloads: 2237

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Update info
CHANGELOG - ICE BUILD v1.0.5/1.0.6 to V1.1.6 patch

Given control of the rockets to pilot on helicopters: AH-64 Apache, KA-52, Mi-28, Mi-24E, Tiger
Increased heat signature to 750m on helicopters: AH-64 Apache, KA-52, Mi-28
Increased heat signature to 850m on helicopters: Mi-24E
Increased heat signature to 800m on helicopters: Mi-24P
Decreased the number of rockets to 28 (4 pods by 7 rockets) on helicopters: AH-64 Apache, KA-52, Mi-28, Tiger
Decreased the number of rockets to 14 (2 pods by 7 rockets) on helicopters: AH-6
Removed armored glass on helicopters: Mi-28, Mi-24

KA-52 with rockets - Re-skinned to dark grey colour
ZSU-23-4 Shilka / Gepard and Mobile Tracked SAM Launchers - speed adjusted to keep Pace with tanks
ZSU-23-4 Shilka / Gepard Ammo Damage Reduced by 10% to 15%

Removed illuminating effect of flares for all helicopters

LCM armour level increased

BMD-3 - TOW launcher is now the same as Wiesel TOW
Attack Choppers 30mm Cannons (Except Hind P) are Not Affective Against MBTs
Widened field of view for the cannon on helicopters: AH-64 Apache, KA-52, Mi-28, Tiger

Glock17 - removed to save memory
SR25 - removed to save memory
SR25SD - removed to save memory
M4A1 Red Dot - removed to save memory

Satchel Charges - Removed from Engineer loadout (Now only SpecOps have Satchel Charges) Increased From 2 To 3

AT Mines - Increased From 2 To 3

HK MP7A1 - added (Special Forces and Sniper Classes)
HK 416 - added (all Classes)
FAMAS F1 - added (Infantry, Medic, Engineer Classes)

Ak103, AK103 GP30 and Ak108, AK108 GP30 - Replaced x4 Acog Sight with x2 Red Dot

Ak47 - made available to Engineer and Medic Classes

AK47 GP25 - made available to Infantry Class

MP5SD5 - made available to Infantry and Medic Classes


Danish M84 - fixed hand camo not showing up

Transformator S&D fixed
S&D Object Armour level ajusted
Posted by Eagle_Eye on 28-1-09 at 15:20

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