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BHD Meds
Description: My Collection of BHD Meds
Creator: EE
Size: 2.79 Mb
Type: application/zip
Date Added: 23-10-06
Last Download: 15-5-21
Views: 5962
Downloads: 901


File info
Standard Meds.

When run from the BHD install Directory, the med version can be viewed on the Title Bar at the top of the med..

Original install version 1.0 = Med 2.00 = NO to Play Part Animation NO to music/heath/reverb/mana
Update version = Med 2.01 = NO to Play Part Animation NO to music/heath/reverb/mana
Update version = No Change
Update version = No Change
Update version = 2.05b = YES to Play Part Animation YES to music/heath/reverb/mana
Update version = 2.06b = NO to Play Part Animation NO to music/heath/reverb/mana

UnLocked Meds

2.00i = Doesn't show Team sabre Items and can't use / commands like / mod terranova

Unlocked Play Part Animation and music/heath/reverb/mana

2.05c = Shows Team Sabre Items but can use the / command like / mod terranova

Already unlocked Play Part Animation and music/heath/reverb/mana

Now includes new items in pull down menus.


Nova stuffed up with the update, and gave us an unlocked med by mistake.
They realized this, and replaced it with thr 2.06b with the update.

Use the 2.05b, or 2.05c for BHD or BHDTS, the only difference is the pull down menus.

If you have BHDTS installed, and you want to make a BHD only map, use the 2.00i med
it doesn't see the TS items, so you can't put one in by Mistake.

If you have the Terranova EXP installed...

EXP was supplied with the camo med, which is a 2.05b with an extra clothing feature added.
So, this med is unlocked, and works fine with BHD.

When Terranova did the TS patch, they had a problem with the number of items it uses. So,
they had to alter the DFBHD.exe, and the Med.exe to see the BHD/TS and the EXP items.
The problem was, they didn't use an unlocked med, so, there are no Play Part Animations.
Thay's OK if you don't need Play Part Animations. But if you do, then there are various
ways around this, but it means switching meds.

To use the 2.05b/c with an EXP, you need to alter the target line of the desktop icon..

ie.."C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down\dfbhdmedv205c.exe" /mod terranova

Create your map using the TNmed, just save it as a mis..load it into the 2.305b/c and do the event, but you won't see all the items, there may be some red x's, just don't alter them, and things will be OK.

Resave as a mis, and load back into the TNmed, then export as a bms..don't try and alter the event with the Play Anomation, cos it will self destruct..

I also included a "Med Fix" that I found at DFArena, it has no explanation..I have no idea what it does, but, I concluded that it stops the i med from crashing on versions past

I have uploaded a zip file to the BHD download section..

It contains this text, plus..

The 4 original meds supplied with the install, or patch.
They are the


Also included are the Unlocked Versions I use.
They are the


Also Included the 2 Terranova Meds.
They are the

2.05b Camo
2.06b for TS

Posted by Eagle_Eye on 23-10-06 at 18:42

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