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Author: Subject: Lights on/off
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[*] posted on 7-3-11 at 12:08
Lights on/off

What I'm trying to do is get lights from the pole lights to turn off when I blow up a generator. and I can't seem to get it to work. Does any one know if that option even works in BHD.

I attached a sample map that I been working on.

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smug.gif posted on 7-3-11 at 16:44
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Ha.. should have read the header.



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[*] posted on 7-3-11 at 17:30

Sorry, Ice, hide and unhide are .wac actions for JO and up, they don't work in DFBHD, as far as I know.

I do the lights out trick by inserting the lighted poles. Make sure they're all snapped to terrain and at least one of them is snapped to the grid. When they're all in place, select them all and put them in a group. Then you deselect the one you snapped to the grid, select it again, then copy and paste the group. The copy of the pole that's snapped to the grid will be the one locked on the cursor right now. Snap that to the same grid as the orignal and all the new poles will be aligned correctly. Since the new poles are already selected, open the item attributes and change them all to the broken unlighted poles and assign them to a new group! Please note that the MED center point on the broken light poles is different than the lighted ones, so snap them to terrain before you deselect them.

Now set up the events so that when the genny is dead, the group of lighted poles is vaporized, leaving the unlighted ones behind.

Note: if an unlit pole is in the exact same X, Y and Z (snapped to terrain) coordinates as a lit pole, the bulb will suffer a black flickery effect. If you select the unlit pole, hold the CTRL and SHIFT keys, and press the up arrow once, the unlit pole will be raised 1/256th of a meter up, the items will no longer align perfectly, and the bulb will stop flickering.

Edit: I made a mistake with the HMMWV. If you get on it before the genny is destroyed, it still took off. I added an "if Group is dead" trigger so that it stays put until the genny is blown up.

By the way, I added a .bin file that would act as a decent starting .bin for new mission .bin files, if you use the NovaSheep BINEditor like I do.

And just for fun, I wrote a small .wac file for the fog and lighting.

Edit: When I was in the military, HMMWVs were just starting to be introduced to the motor pools, in order of unit priority, and the unit I was in was low priority, so we never had any HMMWVs. We had CUCVs, an acronym with a U in it (and a "funny" pun if you're a 3rd grader [or are slightly mentally challenged] and know german), which is why I think I was spelling HMMWV wrong the whole time.

Spelling is important to me, so I've updated the .bin file.

Edit: And made the HMMWV indestructible.

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