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Author: Subject: Has anyone triggered animations?
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[*] posted on 28-5-08 at 06:37
Has anyone triggered animations?

Either by WAC or MED... has anyone figured out how to trigger specific animations?

I know putting the drug lord in guard mode makes him get into a surrender stance... yellow alert makes him do hand gestures. But, I've seen AI "dancing" around a dead players body. Must be some way to trigger stand, kneel, sit, etc. :?

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[*] posted on 28-5-08 at 14:24

I know the anim command for WAC but no idea on where a list of anims can be found. :/

*** EDIT ***

Look what I found. Thanks to Doc's program I was able to decrypt the default .adm file.

anim_reset "default.bad"

anim_emote_1 "default.bad"
anim_emote_2 "default.bad"
anim_emote_3 "default.bad"
anim_emote_4 "default.bad"
anim_emote_5 "default.bad"
anim_emote_6 "default.bad"
anim_emote_7 "default.bad"
anim_emote_8 "default.bad"
anim_emote_9 "default.bad"

anim_run2prone "default.bad"
anim_run2crouch "default.bad"
anim_runr2crouch "default.bad"
anim_runl2crouch "default.bad"

anim_dragger_idle "default.bad"
anim_dragger_walk "default.bad"
anim_draggee "default.bad"

anim_burn_2 "default.bad"

anim_idle "default.bad"
anim_idle_2 "default.bad"
anim_idle_3 "default.bad"
anim_idle_4 "default.bad"
anim_idle_5 "default.bad"

anim_idle_crouch "default.bad"
anim_idle_prone "default.bad"

anim_wash_idle "default.bad"
anim_wash_walk "default.bad"

anim_jump_start "default.bad"
anim_jump_loop "default.bad"

anim_walk_forward "default.bad"
anim_walk_forwardright "default.bad"
anim_walk_right "default.bad"
anim_walk_backright "default.bad"
anim_walk_back "default.bad"
anim_walk_backleft "default.bad"
anim_walk_left "default.bad"
anim_walk_forwardleft "default.bad"

anim_walk_crouch_forward "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_forwardright "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_right "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_backright "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_back "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_backleft "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_left "default.bad"
anim_walk_crouch_forwardleft "default.bad"

anim_walk_prone_forward "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_forwardright "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_right "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_backright "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_back "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_backleft "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_left "default.bad"
anim_walk_prone_forwardleft "default.bad"

anim_climb_idle "default.bad"
anim_climb_up "default.bad"
anim_climb_down "default.bad"
anim_climb_top "default.bad"

anim_swim_idle "default.bad"
anim_swim_forward "default.bad"
anim_swim_left "default.bad"
anim_swim_right "default.bad"
anim_swim_BACK "default.bad"

anim_roll_left "default.bad"
anim_roll_right "default.bad"

anim_sit "default.bad"
anim_sit_2 "default.bad"
anim_sit_3 "default.bad"
anim_sit_4 "default.bad"
anim_sit_5 "default.bad"
anim_sit_6 "default.bad"
anim_sit_7 "default.bad"
anim_sit_8 "default.bad"
anim_sit_9 "default.bad"
anim_sit_10 "default.bad"
anim_sit_11 "default.bad"
anim_sit_12 "default.bad"
anim_sit_13 "default.bad"
anim_sit_14 "default.bad"

anim_emplaced "default.bad"
anim_emplaced_2 "default.bad"
anim_emplaced_3 "default.bad"

anim_run_2 "default.bad"
anim_run_3 "default.bad"

anim_death_fire "default.bad"
anim_death_pungi "default.bad"
anim_death_drown "default.bad"

anim_death_grenade_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_grenade_right "default.bad"
anim_death_grenade_back "default.bad"
anim_death_grenade_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_hip_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_hip_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_hip_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_hip_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_torso_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_torso_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_torso_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_torso_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_head_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_head_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_head_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_head_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_rightshoulder_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightshoulder_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightshoulder_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightshoulder_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_leftshoulder_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftshoulder_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftshoulder_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftshoulder_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_rightarm_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightarm_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightarm_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightarm_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_leftarm_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftarm_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftarm_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftarm_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_righthand_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_righthand_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_righthand_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_righthand_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_lefthand_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_lefthand_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_lefthand_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_lefthand_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_rightthigh_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightthigh_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightthigh_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightthigh_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_leftthigh_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftthigh_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftthigh_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftthigh_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_rightcalf_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightcalf_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightcalf_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightcalf_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_leftcalf_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftcalf_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftcalf_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftcalf_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_rightfoot_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightfoot_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightfoot_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_rightfoot_left "default.bad"

anim_death_bullet_leftfoot_forward "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftfoot_right "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftfoot_back "default.bad"
anim_death_bullet_leftfoot_left "default.bad"

anim_for_menus_Idle1 "Dt1rst.bad"
anim_for_menus_Idle2 "PI_Idle.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle3 "PI_neck.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle4 "PI_lookL.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle5 "PI_LookR.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle6 "PI_chek.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle7 "PI_salut.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle8 "PI_wtch.BAD"
anim_for_menus_Idle9 "PI_actv.BAD"

I'm gonna have a field day with all this, lol.

And the command to trigger these commands is:


You can edit it to your needs.

The 1 would be the SSN number (change it if different), and it doesn't have to be past(4) - you can make it other things like if never() for example.

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[*] posted on 28-5-08 at 17:36

Interesting find there Chris.
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[*] posted on 28-5-08 at 18:42

:A outstanding!! Thank you!! :A

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[*] posted on 29-5-08 at 07:53

I've got a map on our server where I messed with the animations (Lunatic Asylum) ... skeletons flip flopping all over the place. I was going to fraps that, but that's another story, cause I absolutely cannot get fraps to work on this computer.

Some animations do not work, and some just make the ai look plain dumb.

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jake fazekas


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[*] posted on 24-11-11 at 00:15

hello all :)

I have a question: how to make an AI roll left/right when bullets shooted near him?:?

I try to use the "anim_roll_left ",but it does not work.

Anyone can help me?:)
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