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Dual Copies of JO
MERICASTALKER - 25-2-15 at 16:23

Does anyone know how to install Dual Copies of JO. This is two separate CD code copies of JO. To be installed on the same Windows Computer?

jabo1SFH - 25-2-15 at 19:13

you should be able to install as many copies as you want.

best solution is to add a folder(s) to your "my documents" library then choose that location during the install process.

you really do not need extra cd keys for local installs. you can always log into novaworld from any install with your original registered cd key.


MERICASTALKER - 25-2-15 at 19:29

Has to be different CD-Keys, I have multiple players in the house. My CD Key, has to be there for NLH to work, but I need to install another one with different CD code for the spouse to play on. I try to install the other one in a different spot, but the installer keep keying that I already have a version of the game, and wants to MODIFY, REPAIR, or REMOVE it, which comes up before it gives me the option to install in a different location.

TedSmelly - 26-2-15 at 08:18

Not sure about JO but you could just copy your first install of JO and paste it and rename the folder. Then create your desktop shortcuts. We do this for BHD when we run multiple servers from the one computer. You could make an installer for JO and have yourself another copy so this won't happen in the future.

jabo1SFH - 26-2-15 at 19:23

ahh, I see. try what ted has posted. copy the entire jo directory of your original install, then paste it in a new location. I use "my documents".

I have installed multiple instances of jo before and always used the same cdkey for each. you only need more than one for logging into novalogic and that is account based on their servers.