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Shorcut Parameters on GameRanger
$!L3NT_J - 19-7-13 at 20:23

My buddies and I play Joint Operations with GameRanger. We used to use hamachi, and we were able to run our shortcuts from the desktop. GameRanger doesn't let you do that, it just launches the game when you're ready. Is there a way I can host a game and run Joint Ops with /d? :?

grenadier501 - 20-7-13 at 04:20

there seems to be no way, i also tried everything, even with a .bat file with the command "jointops /d" inside it, nothing worked..

$!L3NT_J - 20-7-13 at 11:37

Yeah, I probably should of looked in their forums first. They said that there is no way to do that. I guess I can live with that. :(

jabo1SFH - 26-7-13 at 06:30

you can serve/play and peeps can join through gr or you can host on one machine and join with another. the only way to run multiple instances of gr on one network is to have gr on two machines and each install must have separate email accounts.