Delta Force Reload Forums sound wave issues
Iceman - 9-4-13 at 14:18

I am currently designing a new map and I noticed that when I run the map to test it for both LAN & Server modes I loose the wave sounds that are in the WAC file.

This only happens when I use the exe. The server runs the old exe.

I join using the exe.

I then joined using the old exe and the wave sounds works as they should.

Not sure if any other mapper as come across this issue?

Just another problem to add to Novalogics exe.


Iceman :R

jabo1SFH - 9-4-13 at 20:22

havent mapped in that old version in a while. sorry.


Iceman - 11-4-13 at 07:56

The problem seems to have been caused by a WAC.file issue. :E

It works fine after I deleted the WAC file and started again :o

Just one of those quirky computer issues :F