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Map and other Submissions
Eagle_Eye - 11-6-07 at 20:49

If your wanting to upload a map, or other file, your free to do so as long as your logged in..

There is a submit button in each of the download sections.

So, navigate to the section you want, then look for the submit button.

The screenshot upload code is a separate php code I have inserted into the "Submit", just follow the directions after you have uploaded your pic (screenshot).

Once you have had approval, we invite you back to add a comment with more detail about your map/program/file..

Here is the link to the Download Section..Click Here

Don't forget, browse to the Section you want to upload to, then you will find the "Submit" button.

With the download Database code we have, all submissions must be Admin approved, and there's no way for us to turn it off, so you will need to wait for us to approve, before it appears. We get an email when there is a new submission, so it usually doesn't take long.

If you need to Update..

Email me the map, make sure it's called exactly the same name, then, I can just upload it and replace the old one without having to change any other settings..

Your zip File..

Please have your zip ready, and a screen shot under 256k in size.

Your zip should contain all the files needed to run your map (except any mod), as well as a text file with details of the mission..

Naming your Files..

Many people put the mod name into the file name, this is the best idea..

Don't forget, there should be NO SPACES in any file names, use the underscore..

This includes NO SPACES in the zip name either.

The files you need to include.

a. A text file, so the person downloading knows what's in the zip, it should contain your name, map name, game version, game type, mod and links to any mod if possible, and any other info that is required to run that map. example..


Map Name: Multi Story Car Park V1.0
Game Type: 8 Per Side Player TDM (16 Player) and 16 Player DM
Author: Eagle Eye
Game: DFBHD full Version

16 player (8 per side)TDM and 16 Player DM with Med and Ammo pickups.
A custom built multi story car park for CQB

Eagle Eye


b. bms file, the file the game uses
c. mis file is optional, the file the Med uses
d. pcx file. BHD intro pic file...optional, but needed for posting..
e. til file. BHD tile file.
f. bin file. BHD custom made bin file.
g. wac file. BHD wac file
h. any other files you need..

The compression software..

We accept zip and formatted files.

Try not to use the Windows XP native Zip, it's not very good, and only seems to decompress correctly when you use XP itself..

Install Winzip.

Using Windows Explorer, create a Folder somewhere, the temp folder is always a good place. Name this folder the same as your map.

Locate your files in your game directory with windows explorer, and copy them to the folder you just created.

Open the new folder, highlight all the files, right click, and look in the context menu for winzip, you should see a number of options, choose add to "xyz".zip (xyz will be the name of the directory where you have the files you highlighted) . Now look in your directory, you will find a new zip file ..rename it to what you upload it.

Don't forget, you will need a valid screen shot for your upload.


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