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godfathers wiki wac
Hammerman - 11-1-14 at 15:28

Is the wiki wac gone or is it just down for mantinance.

grenadier501 - 12-1-14 at 05:13

is gone, for ever.

but the main site is still online

Hammerman - 29-1-14 at 15:01

That isn't good lot a info there. It was really a mappers helper to get thing to work.

Hammerman - 29-1-14 at 15:01


MERMITE - 30-1-14 at 02:25

But I managed to memorize most of the wiki wac, what is your question ...?

Hammerman - 28-8-18 at 22:58

What happened to the the wiki that Tacoma and godfather put together for Joint Operations mods an map making?

Josh26Indy - 17-2-19 at 19:34

I downloaded the entire god father site before it closed. Hit me up if you ever need anything. I can pull it from my personal archive.