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Hello all
Lioness29 - 6-8-12 at 01:13

Just popped in to say 'hello' to you all and to let you know that I am still Now a retired person: still playing df games although my mates and I did spend several months playing 'Serious Sam' (all 3 games), it made a change and it was good fun!
Anyway we are all now back on dfx So. and at present we are playing dm with me making the maps once again. I really missed making maps when we were playing SS and I think that is the main reason I came back to dfx So. The one thing we did notice when we returned to dfx was how quiet the servers are now to what they were before - pity really because dfx So is a great Mod, getting old maybe, but arn't we all!
It's a pity that Novaworld doesn't explain to the players about 'Mods', what they are are how to get the files to update to them; the reason I say this is because we are still getting quite a lot of dfx players trying to get on to our So. game but cannot as they don't know what So. is or a Mod for that matter. Pity because we could do with more players.
Best Wishes to you all and glad to see this web site is still going strong:A

LoneWolf - 7-8-12 at 00:25

Glad to see ya back Lioness29

Iceman - 8-8-12 at 18:57

Hey Lioness29 nice to see you are still active.