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Baldo's Anti-No-Topic-Activity Thread
Baldo_the_Don - 18-5-10 at 06:41

I'm making this a game for myself. Should I come to one of these forums I visit daily and find no new posts made that day, I'll make one myself.

I wanted to post an Alice in Chains featuring James Hetfield video, but I remember folks being language-sensitive hereabouts, but this one's good, too:

Baldo_the_Don - 24-5-10 at 00:27

Darehacker actually posted something between the time I found the Topic Activity empty and then found a video to post against it, but I'm posting it anyway...

Baldo_the_Don - 25-5-10 at 23:57


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jabo1SFH - 30-5-10 at 09:03




Baldo_the_Don - 31-5-10 at 20:40

Baldo_the_Don - 5-6-10 at 22:51

Edit: Tostitos below is commenting on the video that used to be here, which was Rick K. and the Allnighters playing ZZ Top's Sharp-Dressed Man, and that video was six or seven different kinds of cool, but mikeanthrope removed the video. So I replaced it with The Fixx and decided to tell you that Tostitos is absolutely right.

Ohmygodtopus! mikeanthrope put it back up!

Tostitos - 6-6-10 at 02:40

lol, That is an awesome drummer!

Baldo_the_Don - 9-6-10 at 21:55

Couldn't decide between epic:

Or funny:

Baldo_the_Don - 13-6-10 at 21:28

Baldo_the_Don - 15-6-10 at 06:53

Baldo_the_Don - 16-6-10 at 08:23

Baldo_the_Don - 17-6-10 at 21:26

I know not what I had here originally, that was posted when I trusted the internet a bit more and had yet started my practice of commenting the titles of these videos into the code. This is good, though.

Baldo_the_Don - 18-6-10 at 23:37

Baldo_the_Don - 20-6-10 at 00:20

Baldo_the_Don - 22-6-10 at 01:40

funny pictures of cats with
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Edit: There's really no objective reason for it... this is not the greatest performance of the song, the video is quality-challenged, but all the same, I keep breaking out in chills watching it...

Baldo_the_Don - 23-6-10 at 03:03

It was probably Wolverine Blues, but YouTube deleted the video above, so:

Baldo_the_Don - 24-6-10 at 04:42

Baldo_the_Don - 25-6-10 at 09:26


Baldo_the_Don - 30-6-10 at 18:19

...You're almost human, after all...

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Baldo_the_Don - 16-7-10 at 22:25

The golf cart sporting two mounted M60s was apparently deleted from, so:


Baldo_the_Don - 19-7-10 at 14:01

So what do I do when I emebed a picture that later gets blocked?



Baldo_the_Don - 21-7-10 at 02:20

Baldo_the_Don - 22-7-10 at 08:27



Baldo_the_Don - 23-7-10 at 10:08

Baldo_the_Don - 24-7-10 at 11:42

I used to have The Lazer Collection embedded here, but it's no longer available, so here's The Lazer Collection II:

Well, Dom Fera no longer has any Lazer Collection vids on his channel, so enjoy Monkeys Spinning Monkeys!

Baldo_the_Don - 26-7-10 at 06:30

Baldo_the_Don - 27-7-10 at 07:15

xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Baldo_the_Don - 29-7-10 at 14:04

Edit: No idea what video I had here before or what it had to do with Mr. Whipple, but that video is deleted or something, and now you have Bill Withers. Okay?

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Baldo_the_Don - 31-7-10 at 20:39

Baldo_the_Don - 2-8-10 at 11:07

Baldo_the_Don - 3-8-10 at 14:33

Baldo_the_Don - 4-8-10 at 20:38

I'm this old:

I spent the day yesterday wallowing in memories unearthed while I was digging through my minidisc collection. I used to do stupid stuff like leaving the VCR recording VIVA2 for hours at night, then splicing my minidisc recorder to it and recording the good songs.

I don't have to explain that this was well before the internet, do I? If you weren't making cool stuff at home yourself, you actually had to leave the house to find it, or if you were very lucky, it'd show up on TV at some ungodly hour in the morning. I hated those days...

One of the songs I captured back then was called "Magnetic Star" by Transport League. The video was surreal and sci-fi, the song itself is brutally grooved and viciously vocalized.

It's not on the internet. At all. Anywhere. I've googled for this video at least twice a year since we got some internet, and I've never found it.

Until today, I thought I may have imagined the whole thing. But looking for a new post for you, I found this:

Phil87Metalforlife has denied embedding, so all I can do is link you, and at that, it's still not the actual video, just a video of a TV playing the video, but in ten years of internetting, this is the closest I've come to it.

Or there's this:

Okay, it seems that every time I find a video for Entombed's Heavens Die, it gets deleted, so I'll give you this:

Baldo_the_Don - 5-8-10 at 22:11

funny pictures of cats with
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

daneel - 6-8-10 at 09:43

I hope I do this right ... help me Baldo if it doesn't!

Pink Floyd are very particular about the use of their stuff so this Toronto band "Blurred Vision" made up of two Iranian brothers must have gotten quite an interview to get permission to do this. (According to a spokesman for the band, profits go to Amnesty International.) I'd like to think it's appropriate here as EE has some tributes to the guys who gave everything fighting 'next door' and I think the sentiment fits.

Baldo_the_Don - 8-8-10 at 20:28

Baldo_the_Don - 10-8-10 at 21:33

If the video above is blocked or deleted, try this link:

Edit: Nevermind that link, the original article in the Helsinki Times is gone. Just google around for "video storm hietaniemi 9 august 2010", something will pop up.

Baldo_the_Don - 14-8-10 at 23:26

Baldo_the_Don - 19-8-10 at 03:20

Baldo_the_Don - 1-9-10 at 20:35

Baldo_the_Don - 6-9-10 at 17:52

This isn't really the video I wanted to post, but it does have Felicia Day in it, so that's alright.

I actually wanted to post a video of Black Sabbath playing their song N.I.B. live in Paris in 1970, but then I found a video of Black Sabbath performing the same song live in 2005, calculated the thirty-five year difference, realized I'm one year older than the first video, and became depressingly convinced that there's a secret of the human condition veiled in the situation, something to do with the timelessness of a good song, the longevity of the hands and voices behind it, and just how very little I seem to have accomplished in my life, and frankly, this is all just a bit too much to deal with on a monday.

So, you get a pale-hot redhead in a video by a a bald guy in a black cowboy hat singing something country-rock bluesy with a side order of existential angst.

I hate mondays. No less for not being sure if "monday" should be capitalized or not.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-9-10 at 21:54

I think it's the summertime. Everybody's at the beach or outside grilling and nobody's adding content to the internet. I mean, all winter long, I was finding at least one neat video to post every day, whether I posted it or not, but today, I've got nothing. And it's been like that all summer, really.

But I like the comic I linked. It's huge, that's why I didn't embed it, but it made me feel better about things for a few minutes, and a cheer-up is something I like to share.

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Baldo_the_Don - 20-10-10 at 12:01

Baldo_the_Don - 21-10-10 at 19:47

I saw that the only new thread was in the news announcements about online casinos. Spambot threads are hereby excluded from counting against the Anti-No-Topic-Activity Thread.

ShadowZ - 22-10-10 at 13:37

Casino thread was taken care of. :)

Baldo_the_Don - 26-10-10 at 03:18

Baldo_the_Don - 29-10-10 at 00:26

Baldo_the_Don - 9-11-10 at 10:04

ShadowZ - 9-11-10 at 12:56

Hey Baldo, Did you ever think one day it might be a good idea to put a few of your tutorials into a .pdf?

Baldo_the_Don - 28-11-10 at 00:41

Baldo_the_Don - 29-11-10 at 04:07

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Baldo_the_Don - 23-12-10 at 00:39

Whoa! Come on!

Baldo_the_Don - 1-1-11 at 19:49

And Happy New Year, Reloaders.


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Baldo_the_Don - 6-4-11 at 03:38

To which I can add that when you're backing up your files on DVD so you can reinstall Windows, and Nero tells you that the burning process failed, you throw that DVD away and burn a new copy, even if you look in the folders on that bad DVD and see every file is there. 'Cause they may be there, there just might not be any information in them.

And you see, when you try to copy those DVD backups back onto your HD and find out that four year's worth of DFBHD mod work is in data hell, including the irreplaceable Photshop project files you made the sight targas from, you start feeling like someone switched the sugar in your coffee with crack and that thinking Nero's just being stupid when it tells you the burn failed for those files you're looking at on the DVD right now is actually a sign of brain damage.

I've been almost crying all day.

Here's hoping there's an older backup somewhere around here...

Baldo_the_Don - 10-4-11 at 17:43


Baldo_the_Don - 13-4-11 at 19:13

I wanted to post Cannibal Corpse's Devoured by Vermin (Uncensored), but there're some things you can shove down people's throats, and some things you have to let them shove down their own throats.

Hope this goes down smooth (and that I haven't posted it already):

AssassinXaero - 14-4-11 at 10:53

Folk metal!

Baldo_the_Don - 18-4-11 at 15:36

Baldo_the_Don - 20-4-11 at 08:48

Baldo_the_Don - 28-4-11 at 22:18


Baldo_the_Don - 30-4-11 at 05:50

Daddy's Gone - Glasvegas

Oh-oh, how you're my hero
Oh-oh, how you're never here, though
Remember times when you put me on your shoulders?
How I wish it was forever you would hold us

Oh-oh, right now I'm too young to know
How in the future it will affect me when you go
Oh-oh, you could've had it all
You, me and mum, y`know, anything was possible

I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
A fifty-year-old reminiscing what I had
I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
Forget your dad, he's gone
Forget your dad, he's gone

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho

All I wanted was a kick-about in the park
For you to race me home when it was nearly getting dark
How I could've been yours, and you'd be mine
It could've been me and you until the end of time

Oh, do what you want, when you want
Be as [Censored]' insincere as you can
What kind of way is that to treat your wife?
To see your son on saturdays, what way is that to live your life?

I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
A fifty-year-old reminiscing what I had
I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
Forget your dad, he's gone
Forget your dad, he's gone

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho
He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho-ho-ho



I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
A fifty-year-old reminiscing what I had
I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad
Forget your dad, he's gone
Forget your dad, he's gone

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-oh-oh
He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-oh-oh

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho
He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho
Oh, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone
He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, oh-oh-whoa-ho-ho-oh-oh

[Edit: I had originally embeded the video for the live performance they did on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, but that video was removed by the hacker that stole the TVsCraigFerguson channel from It was a really raw performance and I liked better than this video, but what can I do?]

Baldo_the_Don - 4-5-11 at 18:25


Baldo_the_Don - 16-5-11 at 15:05

BulletMagnet - 20-5-11 at 17:23

Baldo posts lots of videos.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-5-11 at 17:22

Baldo_the_Don - 30-5-11 at 15:06


The original second video here was deleted, so if EE hadn't made the reply below, I'd've replaced it with something else.

Eagle_Eye - 30-5-11 at 21:30

Being a Trek fan, I love the second clip :)


Baldo_the_Don - 2-6-11 at 06:00

Baldo_the_Don - 10-6-11 at 03:04

If I watch a video or hear a song, and I break out in goose bumps, it's an automatic favorite.

Baldo_the_Don - 12-6-11 at 18:07

Baldo_the_Don - 14-6-11 at 18:29

I've been playing this a lot lately:



Baldo_the_Don - 21-6-11 at 05:37

Baldo_the_Don - 23-6-11 at 02:33

Baldo_the_Don - 1-7-11 at 20:23

Baldo_the_Don - 2-7-11 at 19:30

I think I broke my thread! I posted posted a YouTube video of Anthrax's new song yesterday, and it should be the first post on page 4, but if you click on page 4, it loads page 1.


Eagle_Eye - 3-7-11 at 12:18

There may very well be an error in the code, but, since I set my view up to show 100 posts, I never get the page option, I get all the thread, in one page..


Baldo_the_Don - 4-7-11 at 20:51

Summertime means grillin', swimmin', partyin', and NOT internettin'. I noticed it last summer when it felt like I was the only one posting here. ("And why weren't you out grillin', swimmin', partyin', and NOT internettin' too, Baldo?!" Because shut up, imaginary troll, that's why!)

Finding stuff to post everyday got difficult, but I managed, even if I was sorry for making bonus posts on previous days...

And that advice did the trick, EE. Changing the number of replies displayed per thread worked, although I have to note, I wouldn't've been able to see that post you made if a post by another Reloader didn't also fix it.

It's all-around awesome-sauce for my July Fourth, really. Happy Birthday, America.

Baldo_the_Don - 6-7-11 at 19:54

ShadowZ - 7-7-11 at 10:36

Gotta love the cutscenes.

Didn't know a good spot to post this, but I wanted to let ppl know that I'm ok and have a unusually large workload this time of year.

If anyone asks, I'm trying to make an RTOS for an embedded system using the C language. It would be easier if I knew C to begin with, Lol.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-7-11 at 04:28

Josh26Indy - 16-7-11 at 07:45

Since you have Wierd Al up there doing Lady Gaga.... I thought you all might like to see her brother... Gary

Nick Swardson's Pretend Time
Get More:
Lady Gaga's Brother: Garry Gaga
Wheelchair Cat
Nick Swardson on

Baldo_the_Don - 19-7-11 at 20:30

And that would've been it for today, except I found myself whistling the Harry Potter theme song on the way to my caffeinator, connecting a few random synapses, and after a short check to see if I hadn't already posted this video...:

Baldo_the_Don - 22-7-11 at 00:03

Baldo_the_Don - 3-8-11 at 14:36

Baldo_the_Don - 9-8-11 at 18:36

Baldo_the_Don - 15-8-11 at 04:20

Baldo_the_Don - 16-8-11 at 06:01

ShadowZ - 17-8-11 at 14:50


Bet when that thing crashes you can feel the tremor a mile away. ;)

Baldo_the_Don - 30-8-11 at 17:22

Baldo_the_Don - 2-9-11 at 22:24

AssassinXaero - 3-9-11 at 07:57

So umm... I got my wisdom teeth out a week from yesterday... kinda sucked, and hurt a lot... then going back into work on Monday then trying to move extremely fast Tuesday morning didn't help either... >_>

So yeah, just a tiny update on me :P

Baldo_the_Don - 4-9-11 at 21:24

Baldo_the_Don - 11-9-11 at 16:09

Baldo_the_Don - 22-9-11 at 03:23




Baldo_the_Don - 26-9-11 at 19:09

There's a few f-bombs. Oh, no, the children!


Baldo_the_Don - 28-9-11 at 05:14

Baldo_the_Don - 30-9-11 at 02:07

ShadowZ - 2-10-11 at 04:15

Originally posted by Baldo_the_Don



Did you paint the character's skin or did you do something with the bullet scarring textures?

And, lol... flamethrower.

Baldo_the_Don - 3-10-11 at 00:39

Getbacjac-AUC- had redone the Rangers' skin. It's an excellent job, but prblematic in that not just that particular Ranger is bloodied up, but all of them are, so it'll need work.

I would love to have scarring textures that worked like that, though.

Baldo_the_Don - 11-10-11 at 04:11

Baldo_the_Don - 12-10-11 at 17:59

Baldo_the_Don - 13-10-11 at 21:23

Baldo_the_Don - 18-10-11 at 08:50

Baldo_the_Don - 20-10-11 at 22:59

Baldo_the_Don - 22-10-11 at 06:26

Baldo_the_Don - 24-10-11 at 00:24

CAUTION: Language! Violence! It's a friggin' video game about marines in close quarters battle! What the hell else did you expect!?

Baldo_the_Don - 27-10-11 at 00:10

Baldo_the_Don - 28-10-11 at 20:06

As previously stated, spam posts do not count against the Anti-No-Topic-Activity thread.

Obscure metal*:

*Possible repost. I have got to catalog these posts so I can track what I've already put up.

Baldo_the_Don - 30-10-11 at 21:13

Baldo_the_Don - 3-11-11 at 04:59

Baldo_the_Don - 4-11-11 at 20:01

Baldo_the_Don - 9-11-11 at 20:19

Baldo_the_Don - 12-11-11 at 00:40

The YouTube video I originally embedded here was removed by the user. I hate that.

So how 'bout this:


I like the song, but the "discussion" I'm having with this one guy in the comment's got potential for hilarity, if I can get him to come up with a different insult to call me. I'm trying, too.

Baldo_the_Don - 14-11-11 at 18:32

This is one of those really biting comics that the content farms love to steal from. I'd seen dozens of Zach Weiner's comics before I ever found his name and website. Maybe you've wondered who did these comics, too. Maybe I've saved you some googling. You're certainly welcome

I like this stuff.

Baldo_the_Don - 18-11-11 at 19:02


Baldo_the_Don - 23-11-11 at 22:56

Baldo_the_Don - 25-11-11 at 20:50

Baldo_the_Don - 27-11-11 at 09:54

Baldo_the_Don - 28-11-11 at 17:53

F*** Christmas - Eric Idle

My all-time favorite Christmas song. VFNFSFFW!!!!

Baldo_the_Don - 13-1-12 at 00:24

I'm back now:

Cool enough song, sure, but if you aren't offended by fashion magazine editorial nudity and/or implied lesbian vampirism, google up the short film "Agent Provocateur Fleurs du Mal" by Justin Anderson. That's where I first heard "Gay Ninja" from Omaha [Censored].

Missed you, Reloaders.

P.S.: The name of the band is not Omaha [Censored]. The second word is the canine-colored insult that sounds like beach.

Baldo_the_Don - 23-1-12 at 01:51

Baldo_the_Don - 24-1-12 at 11:53

Baldo_the_Don - 25-1-12 at 12:40

Baldo_the_Don - 29-1-12 at 05:41

Baldo_the_Don - 1-2-12 at 21:17

Sensitive to violence and language? Avoid the video below:

God Bless America - Official RED BAND Trailer (2012)

Me? I think it's gonna be wicked.

Baldo_the_Don - 11-2-12 at 19:26

Baldo_the_Don - 13-2-12 at 01:53

Baldo_the_Don - 14-2-12 at 06:10

Baldo_the_Don - 17-2-12 at 03:28

Baldo_the_Don - 18-2-12 at 05:11

Baldo_the_Don - 19-2-12 at 05:25

Baldo_the_Don - 20-2-12 at 15:05


Baldo_the_Don - 21-2-12 at 19:44

Baldo_the_Don - 25-2-12 at 06:15

Possibly NSFW:

Baldo_the_Don - 1-3-12 at 08:42

Baldo_the_Don - 2-3-12 at 18:15

ShadowZ - 5-3-12 at 01:15

Hey Baldo, hows it going? I've been out of the loop for a long while, and it looks like it's going to stay that way until I can get my gaming rig back online. It's currently in my apartment without internet...

Baldo_the_Don - 6-3-12 at 05:18

Baldo_the_Don - 7-3-12 at 05:24

Mikey Mason deleted his Save vs. Boredom 1 video, so I replaced it with this.

Baldo_the_Don - 11-3-12 at 03:22

Baldo_the_Don - 13-3-12 at 00:31

Baldo_the_Don - 14-3-12 at 03:26 <-- Official, but censored. In a funny way.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-3-12 at 00:18

Okay, I was going to embed this video:

"gumplunger - Kristchan's contest - GenMay Medley" by Ben Bulthuis on YouTube

But since it's not actually a video, just a logo with the song, and since there's swearing here and there in the lyrics, I'll just link you.

Explaination: ("After all the more or less randomness to your taste in postable content, Baldo, why an explaination for this one?" Listen, you're just a series of firing neurons in the gelatinous grey organ in my cranial shell, Internal Voice of Derision! I demand your silence! And it's spelled "explanation.") I have no idea anymore how I found this song, but it's the largest .mp3 I have in the non-album section of my music collection on my HD, and I like it.

Wait! I remember now! had this YTMND... a cheap camera flash photo of a airborn fat guy jumping at the photographer sitting on a couch, and the music in the background was a loop of the wicked metal part in the middle of this song. The sources were cited as the Gen[M]ay Medley, and I searched around, and there's this Perry Bible Fellowship comic and stuff.

So there's this forum, and they had a theme song contest, and this song was an entry. I don't know if it won or not.


Baldo_the_Don - 18-3-12 at 19:19

Baldo_the_Don - 30-3-12 at 18:57



Baldo_the_Don - 2-4-12 at 17:58

Baldo_the_Don - 12-4-12 at 19:30

Baldo_the_Don - 14-4-12 at 23:09

funny cat pictures -
Lolcats: Stop playing games...
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Baldo_the_Don - 18-4-12 at 06:59

Baldo_the_Don - 21-4-12 at 01:21

Baldo_the_Don - 22-4-12 at 04:33

Baldo_the_Don - 23-4-12 at 05:31

Baldo_the_Don - 24-4-12 at 17:45

Baldo_the_Don - 25-4-12 at 23:32

Baldo_the_Don - 27-4-12 at 09:32

Baldo_the_Don - 29-4-12 at 00:32

Baldo_the_Don - 30-4-12 at 03:47

Baldo_the_Don - 2-5-12 at 16:22

Baldo_the_Don - 6-5-12 at 05:54


Technically, that video is spam, but I hope you'll forgive me for it, 'cause Amanda Palmer is, like, 8 or 3 different kinds of awesome.

Baldo_the_Don - 7-5-12 at 07:58

Baldo_the_Don - 10-5-12 at 04:56

Baldo_the_Don - 11-5-12 at 23:49

Baldo_the_Don - 14-5-12 at 04:36

Baldo_the_Don - 16-5-12 at 15:24

neddle69 has announced on the latest video in this series (Escape the Dead) that the number of views he's hoped to rack up with the "...with wittering" videos has been too low for the effort that goes into them and that he's going to stop making them. I like watching Neil and Martin playing their ArmA and ArmA II coop missions, and the Portal 2 series was great, but what I really love about these videos are the conversations they have. They're both about-40-year-old, working-class gamer dads in England, so they cover subjects that are relatable enough, and I've yet to be bored by them.

If you think watching great coop gameplay videos by mediocre players in rather more than less obscure first-person-shooters having good conversations during well-constructed missions, then swing by and waste an hour or two there enjoying yourself.

Baldo_the_Don - 18-5-12 at 08:23

Baldo_the_Don - 19-5-12 at 19:27

Baldo_the_Don - 21-5-12 at 08:55

ZZ TOP Rough Boy from Andy Pointdexter on Vimeo.

Baldo_the_Don - 23-5-12 at 23:22

Baldo_the_Don - 25-5-12 at 03:24

Baldo_the_Don - 28-5-12 at 06:59

Baldo_the_Don - 31-5-12 at 23:27

Baldo_the_Don - 3-6-12 at 06:58

Baldo_the_Don - 4-6-12 at 22:53


Baldo_the_Don - 6-6-12 at 21:34

The first time I heard this song: NSFW S.O.D. - What's That Noise NSFW, I literally laughed myself to the floor 'til I was choking on cramps. I was sober. I'd guess it was so funny to me at the time 'cause I was so humorlessly metal, and it simply never dawned on me in even my weirdest dreams ever that metal could be funny. The blindsiding S.O.D. hit me with on that day was so complete, and has never been repeated.

This was close, though:

Baldo_the_Don - 9-6-12 at 02:03

Baldo_the_Don - 12-6-12 at 01:39

Baldo_the_Don - 13-6-12 at 22:16

I got nothing today. I went to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and clicked the "Random!" button:

Internetting sucks when everybody's out grilling.

Baldo_the_Don - 2-7-12 at 02:27

Baldo_the_Don - 21-7-12 at 08:36

Edit: On second thought, this:

'Cause this is NSFW. F-bombs. Violence. Ron Perlman. But no nudity.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-7-12 at 17:06

Baldo_the_Don - 26-7-12 at 07:06

Baldo_the_Don - 28-7-12 at 02:44

Baldo_the_Don - 29-7-12 at 06:25

Baldo_the_Don - 30-7-12 at 08:30


Baldo_the_Don - 1-8-12 at 22:54

And not being sure that video was enough, also this:

"Brinkflesh" is goosebumps caused by Maria Brink's vocalizations, but since "goosebumps" is too silly a word to describe the feeling, I'm inventing the word "brinkflesh," as in: "Years of listening to In This Moment, yet still I thrill with brinkflesh when she sings. When she shrieks." Although Otep and Tairrie B. (My Ruin) were doing the same thing to me years before Maria did - and Karyn Crisis was the first to brinkflesh me, ever - Maria was the one that forced me to admit that "goosebumps" was not an apt descriptor of the chill.

Also, Arch Enemy.

Baldo_the_Don - 3-8-12 at 03:45

This is relevant to my interests (NSFW):

Baldo_the_Don - 4-8-12 at 05:57

Baldo_the_Don - 12-8-12 at 03:23

So what do you think? This:

Or this:

Never mind. Have both.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-8-12 at 04:08

Baldo_the_Don - 14-8-12 at 06:05

Because kitties:

Baldo_the_Don - 17-8-12 at 00:32

Because everyone has their favorite game, their favorite mod of that game, their favorite version of that mod...

But you don't know true sub-genre rage 'til you've tried discussing heavy metal music with fans. It's madness, that is. So many bean counters, so many ways to count beans...

I love metal music. It's the fans that I can't stand.

Baldo_the_Don - 19-8-12 at 04:44

I should've posted something last night, but when I went looking for something to post, I started rereading (kinda NSFW) and never got around to it.

So, this is old, but good:

Baldo_the_Don - 21-8-12 at 00:06

It's hot, I've got nothing to post, and I'm a bit depressed feeling better now.

But try this:

Baldo_the_Don - 22-8-12 at 05:39

So, apparently, there's something amiss with the DFReload these days. Some people cannot log in, and other than M*O*B, I don't know if anyone else can log in to the site. I've sent a u2u about it to Iceman, but if he can't log in, I don't know what to expect.

(I haven't logged in to the site for a week or two, either, I just so rarely log out, and my old log in is apparently still good.)

I'm not sure how else to get in touch with the Iceman or Eagle_Eye (I only have their DFReload e-mail addresses), so if any of you guys can tell them something's up (on other forums, Teamspeak, or communication channels of whatever type), please do so.

I'll edit this post to something more fun later*.

(Also, I looked at the stats page here at the DFR for the first time ever today. Really. Um. Wow.)

*As stated:

Baldo_the_Don - 24-8-12 at 06:03

I have heard from Iceman, and he's told me Eagle_Eye is aware of the situation. Stay tuned.

Baldo_the_Don - 25-8-12 at 07:16

Baldo_the_Don - 26-8-12 at 23:46

Now post editing check boxes are not displaying! I wanted to edit the previous post to remove my signature (I decided to have my signature only in the last post in this thread), and I had to TAB through to the "Use signature?" checkbox and change it by pressing the SPACEBAR.

The weirdness deepens!

Baldo_the_Don - 29-8-12 at 10:36

It's gonna suck when my current login expires. Or you can see it this way:

Baldo_the_Don - 31-8-12 at 00:27

Warning: F-bombs.

Baldo_the_Don - 2-9-12 at 01:36

Because Karen Gillan:

Baldo_the_Don - 5-9-12 at 00:37

This is why I don't have a game console:

And I might get shot at for advertising here, but when you back up your HD on DVDs and one floppy disk so you can reinstall WinXP, and after said reinstallation has taken you ALL GODS DAMNED NIGHT, then you screw it up, necessitating ANOTHER reinstallation, and after you've got the XP, SP2, SP3 and updates all strapped in and ready to go, you put the first back up DVD in the same friggin' drive you burned it with AND IT CAN'T READ THE DVDS YOU MADE THE BACK UP ON, you get angry.

And that sucks. So hard.

But then you want to e-mail the wife at work to tell her you at least managed to get Outlook Express working and that her new t-shirt was delivered, but you're fuzzy on what her exact e-mail address is there, so you try to get the .wab you backed up on the floppy disk and the A: drive can't read that either.

You. Just. Give. Up.

You've only had two hours sleep and try to lay down again, but you can't stop crying, not because the mod you've been working on for four some-odd years may be lost, not really, but because the various .txt files you've been making notes in since you got your first computer in 1999 may be gone.

But you google around, and there's advice that boils down to "get a data recovery program," and you find one called IsoBuster 3.0. It gets those files off the DVDs. They may be corrupted, sure, you won't know 'til you've tested them, but you can stop crying and spend some time on your favorite game community website telling them about the whole friggin' mess.

I'm gonna send the IsoBuster team some money when I can, but 'til then, you guys google them up if you need some unreadable optical storage read, and want life to stop sucking so hard.

And tell the Birthday Skeleton you want nothing from and have nothing for him. It might be fatal to refuse business with him, but I suspect it's damnation to accept it.

Maybe I'll sleep again, someday, though. Someday.

Baldo_the_Don - 6-9-12 at 07:04

Baldo_the_Don - 16-9-12 at 18:09

Baldo_the_Don - 17-9-12 at 22:04

for fat guys

Ziprock - 21-9-12 at 06:17

Baldo's Edit: I don't know what Ziprock had posted, so:

Baldo_the_Don - 22-9-12 at 06:44

Baldo_the_Don - 28-9-12 at 06:41

Science Experiment: Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 Ping Pong Balls, EXPLOSION! by CollectemCards

Age-restricted 'cause explosions.

M*O*B - 28-9-12 at 12:25


Baldo_the_Don - 30-9-12 at 17:07

True fact: this was the first Slayer song I'd ever heard. It was on a college radio station out of Boston in 1980-something. When you can't remember the date of your first Slayer exposure, then the Slayer exposure worked correctly.

Edit: Another sign of a successful Slayer fandom is when you misremember the title of your first Slayer song. Mine was not actually Criminally Insane, it was Reborn. That song doesn't have a cool video, though.

Baldo_the_Don - 5-10-12 at 17:27

I hate it when I can't embed an image.


I love it when I can:


So, some memes are too precious to embed/hotlink, apparently, so just google images for "The Black Cat Analogy," and you'll see what I was trying to show you.

Baldo_the_Don - 7-10-12 at 05:50

This video may be wrong for sensitive viewers.

This one is marginally less offensive, and metal as all get out:

Thanks for ten-thousand views anyway, Reloaders. I love you guys.

Baldo_the_Don - 11-10-12 at 06:46

Why is this lesson so significant and timely? You be the judge:

The NSO Deadline Mod at

The NSO Deadline Mod at (Requires registration!)

Baldo_the_Don - 13-10-12 at 04:04

Baldo_the_Don - 16-10-12 at 02:37

Baldo_the_Don - 17-10-12 at 04:39

Baldo_the_Don - 18-10-12 at 08:38

Baldo_the_Don - 23-10-12 at 21:38

How did I not find out about this sooner? And then by accident?

Baldo_the_Don - 2-11-12 at 09:20

Baldo_the_Don - 4-11-12 at 00:58

Baldo_the_Don - 5-11-12 at 03:40

Baldo_the_Don - 7-11-12 at 06:22

Baldo_the_Don - 8-11-12 at 17:20

Long, but ends presidentially enough:

If you search around YouTube for "powdered toast man" you'll probably find that video. But how'bout this:

Baldo_the_Don - 10-11-12 at 16:55

Because, the cat:

Baldo_the_Don - 13-11-12 at 03:24

Baldo_the_Don - 20-11-12 at 00:53

Baldo_the_Don - 21-11-12 at 22:34

Baldo_the_Don - 23-11-12 at 06:23

Baldo_the_Don - 25-11-12 at 00:46

Baldo_the_Don - 27-11-12 at 08:50

Baldo_the_Don - 29-11-12 at 01:17

Anna Kendrick is popping up on my radar a lot. I never really heard of her until I listened to her interview on the Nerdist podcast, and now, she just keeps getting more and more fun to see and hear.

Baldo_the_Don - 30-11-12 at 10:56


Baldo_the_Don - 1-12-12 at 16:22

If f-bombs rustle your jimmies, go ahead and skip this one, but if you like action films, Schwarzenegger impressions and are curious about flannel:

Baldo_the_Don - 4-12-12 at 06:16

Baldo_the_Don - 6-12-12 at 06:17

Edit: I forgot how much f-bombing goes on in this video! NSFW!

I've seen so much on the internet since I got on it lo these many years ago, and despite an amount of time wasted that can fairly be described as "inordinate," seeking the weird, sick and twisted little bits of entertainment the internet offers the overbrave, I sometimes find myself here at the DFR looking at Today's (lack of) Topic Activity and have nothing on cue to put up, and worse, can think of nowhere to look for something.

So it was this morning. I had to give up and come back later. Later meaning now. With what I feel is Joe Cartoon's arguably greatest work ghosting through my mind since we left my mother-in-law's two hours ago.

I hope you feel it was worth the delay.

Baldo_the_Don - 9-12-12 at 06:55

And I think this song is silently screaming its subtitle: "Methinks m'lady doth protest too much..."

But I like Amanda F***ing Palmer.

Baldo_the_Don - 12-12-12 at 11:39

by baldo_the_don, on Flickr.

I've posted an earlier version of this a while ago, but I like this one, too.

Baldo_the_Don - 14-12-12 at 03:04

Because this almost made me cry.

Baldo_the_Don - 15-12-12 at 05:26

Baldo_the_Don - 16-12-12 at 08:50

Baldo_the_Don - 17-12-12 at 11:24

Looking for something to post here, I ended up spending almost two hours just watching The Maria Bamford Show:

She's not everyone's cup o' tea, but if you like weirdness and voice talent, you might like her stuff.

Baldo_the_Don - 19-12-12 at 05:49

Baldo_the_Don - 20-12-12 at 11:47

What's It Like?

Baldo_the_Don - 22-12-12 at 13:50

I made this a game for myself, posting things when nothing's been posted. I was doing it on all the NeverLogic themed sites I visited, but all the others have either fallen away into the nothing or were not yet returned from that nothing when I started this game, and now, I play it only here at the DFR.

One of the rules that I've made for myself but have yet to state to you is that, if I ever post something I've already posted, I must declare the game lost and quit. It almost happened tonight. I was going to post the video to my second favorite Christmas song, but decided to verify I had not already done so first, preventing the end.

So instead you get this:

It's not the official video, so it may disappear someday, but being in Germany, the official YouTube video is GEMA'd for me. [Edit 20190524: Itactually is the official video now.]

"Helena" (I pronounce it "huh-LAY-na," apparently correctly, not "HELL-eh-na") is my favorite My Chemical Romance song, and it carries a burden for me. I've been ashamed to post MCR stuff here, or to admit that I like them for fear of anti-emo backlash - hypocrisy that has afforded me a more quiet life, true, but not without grating on my sense of integrity.

These two Smodcasts changed my mind about my silence. The Brothers Way are fairly cool people, and for all the melodrama in their music, they look like they have a great time making it. I can back that up.

So, enjoy the beautiful pale people rocking fairly hard with obvious intensity, and have wonderful winter solstice celebrations.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-12-12 at 00:35

Okay, there's maybe 2 f-bombs, if that sort of thing bothers you.

Baldo_the_Don - 26-12-12 at 10:38

Baldo_the_Don - 27-12-12 at 13:56

Baldo_the_Don - 28-12-12 at 18:57

Baldo_the_Don - 30-12-12 at 03:05

Baldo_the_Don - 6-1-13 at 19:19

Surviving the World - LESSON #1627 - COFFEE LOVERS, PART

Baldo_the_Don - 7-1-13 at 19:48

Baldo_the_Don - 8-1-13 at 22:25

Baldo_the_Don - 10-1-13 at 22:58

Baldo_the_Don - 11-1-13 at 23:28

Oh, dang it. Embedding is disabled on this one:

So, that's all for today. Sorry.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-1-13 at 00:10


Baldo_the_Don - 14-1-13 at 04:42

Fine. I got nothing today, but these gonads and strife that I can't really embed here 'cause o' The Man makin' us watch the language. Also, drawings of gonads, so NSFW.

Baldo_the_Don - 15-1-13 at 06:12

Okay. There's this version with decent picture and sound in mono for some reason:

And this version which is just the singer webcamming with excellent stereo sound quality:

[Edit: It's in stereo when I watch it on YouTube, the embed here is mono on my ancient crate of ruttin' luh suhcomputer. I despair.]

Edit: Since the stereo version's gone:

Baldo_the_Don - 16-1-13 at 06:25

Baldo_the_Don - 17-1-13 at 10:01

Baldo_the_Don - 18-1-13 at 10:51

LESSON #1639

Baldo_the_Don - 20-1-13 at 04:58

Baldo_the_Don - 22-1-13 at 17:46

At first, I was going to embed the Portlandia - Nerd PSA from smathew88, but then this popped up:

They disabled embedding on the PSA, anyway, so the choice was simplified.

Baldo_the_Don - 23-1-13 at 19:34

Baldo_the_Don - 25-1-13 at 00:17

Playing Video Games

Baldo_the_Don - 26-1-13 at 03:49

F-BOMB WARNING! Although, there's only one of 'em, really.

Baldo_the_Don - 27-1-13 at 05:27

Language warning: No f-bombs here. Just one s-plop.

Baldo_the_Don - 30-1-13 at 08:05

Baldo_the_Don - 31-1-13 at 08:28

On YouTube: NSO Deadline gameplay Delta Force Black Hawk Down zombie mod by radonX19

radonX19 disabled embedding, dammit. So:

Which was also unembedable, but I tried adding it to a playlist, then embedding that playlist. Experiment successful.

(Until I realized that if you try to get the embed code from a video when you're watching it in your "Watch Later" list, you get problems.)

Baldo_the_Don - 2-2-13 at 06:23

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Baldo_the_Don - 3-2-13 at 07:55

Jim Sterling is an obese, opinionated englishman with a superiority complex and a taste for foul language. I like him. His latest thing is telling us why those movies that we always hear are awful are not really that awful.

Be warned that he is often blasphemous and loves his f-bombs!

Baldo_the_Don - 4-2-13 at 21:12

I make a conscious effort to avoid posting cat videos because I actually am a cat person, and I know not only how cat people are perceived, I know that, without supervision, I'd flood this thread with felines.

But this one's pretty neat:

Baldo_the_Don - 6-2-13 at 03:52

I was going to post this Sexy Nightmare Slayer video, but I started doubting it's SFW quotient. There's an amount of Clare Grant groping in it.

So maybe this from

Relabel the Y axis with "Miserable Drip" up to "Riot Control Water Cannon" and the X axis with "Angle of Lever Handle" and this graph also describes the operation of all the faucets in my house pretty accurately.

Baldo_the_Don - 7-2-13 at 06:09

Baldo_the_Don - 10-2-13 at 13:01

Baldo_the_Don - 12-2-13 at 04:50

Valentine's Tip!

Baldo_the_Don - 13-2-13 at 20:46

I looked up the word "cockles" for the first time just now, and I'm actually certain that my heart does indeed have cockles.

Baldo_the_Don - 14-2-13 at 21:36

Wait, wait, wait, wait... Let me try again.

'Cause the first time I tried to embed that, embedding was disabled, then when I was going to just link it and embed the video below, all of a sudden, embedding wasn't disabled. I'm all shrugs.

This one is NSFW 'cause of the language.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-2-13 at 03:27

Baldo_the_Don - 17-2-13 at 16:51

Baldo_the_Don - 18-2-13 at 20:55

One hour and forty-three minutes of good, solid action/science fiction.

Baldo_the_Don - 19-2-13 at 21:35

Edit: Google around for Hailey Boyle. She funny.

Baldo_the_Don - 20-2-13 at 23:58

Baldo_the_Don - 22-2-13 at 18:13


Not really happy about these (although, Katie Willert stretching? Yeah.), but it's the best I can come up with today. Sorry.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-2-13 at 06:42

Baldo_the_Don - 26-2-13 at 01:10

Baldo_the_Don - 27-2-13 at 02:22

Baldo_the_Don - 28-2-13 at 18:53

Baldo_the_Don - 2-3-13 at 07:58

Baldo_the_Don - 3-3-13 at 10:40

Baldo_the_Don - 4-3-13 at 23:58

Baldo_the_Don - 6-3-13 at 01:22

Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache | After Hours

Age-restricted 'cause ???

Baldo_the_Don - 7-3-13 at 07:35

Baldo_the_Don - 9-3-13 at 01:34

I think this is fun, and it's short:

I think this is important, but it's long:

Baldo_the_Don - 10-3-13 at 23:29

Baldo_the_Don - 12-3-13 at 01:10


Baldo_the_Don - 13-3-13 at 13:24

A bit weak, but it's the most postable thing I've seen today.

Baldo_the_Don - 17-3-13 at 08:02

Baldo_the_Don - 19-3-13 at 12:12

ShadowZ - 21-3-13 at 01:01

Just a quick hallo.


Baldo_the_Don - 22-3-13 at 03:51

Baldo_the_Don - 23-3-13 at 06:44

Baldo_the_Don - 24-3-13 at 11:42

Baldo_the_Don - 26-3-13 at 08:35

Baldo_the_Don - 28-3-13 at 17:37


Baldo_the_Don - 3-4-13 at 00:39

Baldo_the_Don - 11-4-13 at 04:15

Baldo_the_Don - 18-4-13 at 02:37

Baldo_the_Don - 20-4-13 at 04:43

Baldo_the_Don - 25-4-13 at 15:53

Baldo_the_Don - 28-4-13 at 13:17

Baldo_the_Don - 29-4-13 at 16:15

For no particular reason, I'm just missing Freddie Mercury a lot these days.

Baldo_the_Don - 6-5-13 at 19:29

Baldo_the_Don - 7-5-13 at 19:35


Baldo_the_Don - 8-5-13 at 22:42

Baldo_the_Don - 10-5-13 at 03:16

Again, I am keenly aware that this thread could devolve into nothing but cat videos, and I'm vigilantly trying to keep cat videos to a minimum, but I haven't seen anything else I thought was worth posting, so I'l just link you to this video on YouTube and skulk off in shame...

Edit: Okay, this then:

Baldo_the_Don - 11-5-13 at 23:34

Baldo_the_Don - 14-5-13 at 00:18

Baldo_the_Don - 16-5-13 at 06:53

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Baldo_the_Don - 19-5-13 at 08:30

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Baldo_the_Don - 21-5-13 at 15:58

I don't know how you might feel about MechWarrior games, but the No Guts, No Galaxy channel on YouTube is a favorite of mine. The videos look spectacular in 1080p.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-5-13 at 18:39

Baldo_the_Don - 27-5-13 at 15:34

Despite my 170 subscriptions on YouTube, I haven't seen anything postable in a while. Here's something useful:

Well, I think it's useful.

Baldo_the_Don - 28-5-13 at 17:01

Baldo_the_Don - 30-5-13 at 21:50

It's long for a video in this thread, but I like what she says. If you have strong feelings about the internet, artistic integrity, paranoia, communication, writing, and you have thirty-four minutes to spare, it's worth your time, I assure you.

Baldo_the_Don - 2-6-13 at 05:15

Baldo_the_Don - 4-6-13 at 23:04

Baldo_the_Don - 6-6-13 at 06:16

Baldo_the_Don - 8-6-13 at 22:21

My Gimpy Life is a brilliant little series on YouTube about Teal Sherer's adventures in Hollywood as a rolling person. She's Kickstarter-ing for the second season and things are looking grim, so I'll embed the first season playlist here, and if you like it, think about throwing a couple dollars her way.

Baldo_the_Don - 10-6-13 at 07:12

In fact, I strongly suspect it's not actually country music at all...

And not wanting you to think that that horrific shriek is all that Maria Brink has to offer:

Baldo_the_Don - 12-6-13 at 17:24

Baldo_the_Don - 17-6-13 at 04:01

Baldo_the_Don - 19-6-13 at 15:25

Baldo_the_Don - 25-6-13 at 14:26

Baldo_the_Don - 26-6-13 at 19:19

Baldo_the_Don - 28-6-13 at 03:40

Baldo_the_Don - 29-6-13 at 16:27

Baldo_the_Don - 5-7-13 at 03:32

Baldo_the_Don - 8-7-13 at 05:30

This video is unembeddably NSFW. Warning: F-bombs, fake penises, and nazis, but choke-on-your-own-lungs laugh-out-loud funny.

Ziprock - 8-7-13 at 10:51

I found some cool Wallpapers on an image site i go to. Some of you guys might want to have a look, there are some pretty nice ones in this guys gallery.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-7-13 at 07:45

Baldo_the_Don - 17-7-13 at 16:53

Baldo_the_Don - 22-7-13 at 20:10

Baldo_the_Don - 26-7-13 at 00:41

Baldo_the_Don - 27-7-13 at 23:39

Baldo_the_Don - 1-8-13 at 20:03

Baldo_the_Don - 3-8-13 at 19:39

Baldo_the_Don - 5-8-13 at 20:27

Baldo_the_Don - 11-8-13 at 04:31

Baldo_the_Don - 14-8-13 at 10:19

Baldo_the_Don - 16-8-13 at 06:35

Baldo_the_Don - 20-8-13 at 00:34

Baldo_the_Don - 21-8-13 at 06:45

Baldo_the_Don - 23-8-13 at 04:34

Except One Of These Days might really be my favorite Pink Floyd song...

Baldo_the_Don - 24-8-13 at 07:49

On March 8th, 2013, I posted an embed of Anita Sarkesian's first episode of Tropes vs Women in Video Games. I only just became aware of Bob "Movie Bob" Chipman's response video to it:

Baldo_the_Don - 29-8-13 at 17:57

Baldo_the_Don - 2-9-13 at 16:15

Late fee:

Baldo_the_Don - 4-9-13 at 22:11

20140901 Edit: I had a bunch of Old Spice sport commercial parodies here, but Old Spice set the videos to "Private" and they won't play anymore. Now, at this point, DFReload's coding won't let me edit posts with iframe tags, and even older posts with iframed playlists don't really work correctly. Being the experimenter that I am, I risked summoning the Inglip by changing "iframe" to "embed" in the iframe tags. It kind of works, but only the first video in the playlist plays. If you click the YouTube symbol in the bottom-right corner, it'll open the playlist on YouTube in a new tab.

20150218 Edit: Discovered a fix for the iframe problem. In the iframe code:


...where it says 'allowfullscreen', add '="true"'...


...and Bob's your uncle.

Baldo_the_Don - 8-9-13 at 01:49

Baldo_the_Don - 9-9-13 at 02:58

Baldo_the_Don - 10-9-13 at 05:32

Baldo_the_Don - 12-9-13 at 04:35

Baldo_the_Don - 13-9-13 at 20:59

Baldo_the_Don - 19-9-13 at 03:45

Baldo_the_Don - 21-9-13 at 07:47

Silent Hill: Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit)
uploaded by VENT0LINE

I've been obsessed with the Silent Hill film adaptations recently, now this song is taking up a lot of my brainspace.

Ozferal - 21-9-13 at 11:08

Wow Baldo lol I have to admire your dedication to this :)

Baldo_the_Don - 23-9-13 at 20:55

I was going to embed this as well, but decided not to.

And thank you, Ozferal.

Baldo_the_Don - 25-9-13 at 19:31

Baldo_the_Don - 27-9-13 at 18:21

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics

Baldo_the_Don - 29-9-13 at 22:39


Baldo_the_Don - 4-10-13 at 22:54

The original theme to Doctor Who:

If you have any affection for electronic music, but have yet to learn who Delia Derbyshire is, then the favor you'd do yourself by googling her name will be immeasurable.

Baldo_the_Don - 8-10-13 at 06:34

Baldo_the_Don - 14-10-13 at 15:46

Baldo_the_Don - 15-10-13 at 21:47

Baldo_the_Don - 17-10-13 at 06:19

Baldo_the_Don - 18-10-13 at 17:06

Baldo_the_Don - 22-10-13 at 16:09

Baldo_the_Don - 23-10-13 at 20:26

Baldo_the_Don - 29-10-13 at 02:39

Baldo_the_Don - 4-11-13 at 23:39

Baldo_the_Don - 7-11-13 at 01:25

Baldo_the_Don - 9-11-13 at 06:14

Baldo_the_Don - 11-11-13 at 06:49

I'm sure I've posted this video before, but it was deleted, and now there's this version.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-11-13 at 05:56

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics

Baldo_the_Don - 14-11-13 at 10:31

Baldo_the_Don - 16-11-13 at 01:35

The original cover; for the curious, but uninformed:

Baldo_the_Don - 19-11-13 at 17:13

And to add fun to the informative:

Baldo_the_Don - 25-11-13 at 22:18

Baldo_the_Don - 27-11-13 at 04:40

Baldo_the_Don - 28-11-13 at 04:59

Baldo_the_Don - 1-12-13 at 21:27

At least nothing that's postable here. But:

The Pursuit Of Happiness suffer from an almost extreme amount of cheesiness, but for an easily explainable reason I'm not going into right now, I like them, and I really like this song. I'm not completely certain I haven't posted it already, though.

Baldo_the_Don - 4-12-13 at 05:52

Baldo_the_Don - 7-12-13 at 06:02

So I found this video at

Baldo_the_Don - 9-12-13 at 10:20

Baldo_the_Don - 10-12-13 at 17:01

Baldo_the_Don - 16-12-13 at 17:44

Baldo_the_Don - 17-12-13 at 19:54

Baldo_the_Don - 21-12-13 at 03:39

Baldo_the_Don - 22-12-13 at 17:38

Sometimes, when I decide to post something that I split my liver laughing at, I worry about that fact that I get really silly when I'm tired. I had a full night's sleep last night, though, so I'm pretty sure this is really funny.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-12-13 at 01:08

Baldo_the_Don - 25-12-13 at 02:01

Anyway, Reloaders, I don't know what your December's end celebrations are, but I hope you're loving them.

Baldo_the_Don - 28-12-13 at 07:47

But it's all I got for today:

Baldo_the_Don - 30-12-13 at 08:30

Reached way back into my favorites for you today, reloaders...

Baldo_the_Don - 4-1-14 at 04:29

But that video got deleted, so:

Baldo_the_Don - 6-1-14 at 18:56

Baldo_the_Don - 8-1-14 at 06:29

Apologies to you more language sensitive Reloaders, but if you skip this one to protect your ear-virginity, you are simply missing out on life and laughs:

Baldo_the_Don - 9-1-14 at 07:46

Hammerman - 9-1-14 at 13:41

Godfathers wiki wac is not working. :mad:

Baldo_the_Don - 10-1-14 at 19:12

Baldo_the_Don - 14-1-14 at 20:16

And this one I'll link, if you like Metallica.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-1-14 at 01:47

What can I say... it made me laugh. Guffaw, really. Happens a lot when I'm tired.

Baldo_the_Don - 18-1-14 at 19:37

Baldo_the_Don - 22-1-14 at 04:22

Look, I hate it, but there's nothing in video or image that I can find to post lately, but I'll try this:

The Things by Peter Watts - at

Ever see John Carpenter's The Thing? This is a retelling of that story... from the thing's point of view. It's not only a good read, they have an audio version as well.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-1-14 at 00:11

Baldo_the_Don - 25-1-14 at 02:33

Baldo_the_Don - 1-2-14 at 05:00

Baldo_the_Don - 2-2-14 at 20:04

Hyperbole. Bait and switch. Violence. Education. Y'know... word-stuff.

Baldo_the_Don - 4-2-14 at 06:43

Baldo_the_Don - 6-2-14 at 07:01

But at least I don't need to add language warnings...

Baldo_the_Don - 8-2-14 at 04:46

Baldo_the_Don - 10-2-14 at 00:02

Baldo_the_Don - 11-2-14 at 17:53

Baldo_the_Don - 12-2-14 at 22:06

Baldo_the_Don - 16-2-14 at 00:01

Baldo_the_Don - 17-2-14 at 07:47

But they didn't come to my attention until today. Also. language warning:

Edit: The second video was also a 'Between Two Ferns' episide, but I can't remember who was in it, and it's private now, so now you find out how Shakespeare probably really should sound.

Baldo_the_Don - 20-2-14 at 00:29

I just wanted to post something, like I do, but I had nothing in mind. Usually, I'll see something a day or two ahead of time, but today... nix. So I looked around for a half-hour or so, getting more depressed by the minute, and suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see the words "goat simulator" on my YouTube recommendations list.

Rarely have I ever read anything that grabbed my attention so perfectly.

A random phrase spotted in a, to that moment, fruitless search for shareable entertainment, and fifteen minutes later, the joy is mind-numbing.

Random, stupid joy.

Baldo_the_Don - 21-2-14 at 07:23

Baldo_the_Don - 22-2-14 at 22:42

Wish I knew what that deleted video was, but:

Baldo_the_Don - 24-2-14 at 00:52

The internet is altered, I fear. Two days ago, most of the videos I've embeded all over have started to fail to load. Out of patience with the situation today, I started googling around and have found that the embed codes YouTube provides are faulty.

I've started edits, but will roll them out over time.

If you're interested, the src line between the embed tags are starting with a //, but they apparently need to have the http: inserted before the //. YouTube's no-cookie url needs the https: before the //.

Baldo_the_Don - 26-2-14 at 09:05

Baldo_the_Don - 28-2-14 at 04:01

I had posted the Hot Cross Bunnies on the 22nd of November, 2012. It's anchored as pid15069, and if you know how to make a link that'd open that post directly, you're a better internetter than me.

Baldo_the_Don - 1-3-14 at 06:31

Baldo_the_Don - 3-3-14 at 22:02

Baldo_the_Don - 5-3-14 at 20:14

Baldo_the_Don - 7-3-14 at 00:19


Baldo_the_Don - 8-3-14 at 03:10

Baldo_the_Don - 10-3-14 at 10:12

Baldo_the_Don - 15-3-14 at 02:09

There's like... vast, eyeaching vistas of emptiness where I hoped to find postables. At the end, I was gonna post this:

Baldo_the_Don - 16-3-14 at 18:44

TIME GigaPan panoramic veiw of New York from the beacon of WTC1

I can spend hours on that website.

Baldo_the_Don - 19-3-14 at 00:26

Baldo_the_Don - 20-3-14 at 06:06

Baldo_the_Don - 22-3-14 at 00:30

Baldo_the_Don - 23-3-14 at 04:00

Baldo_the_Don - 24-3-14 at 21:09

Grief bonus:

Dave Brockie is dead. Oderus Urungus walks among us no longer. Rage in peace, gods dang you. I'll miss you.

Baldo_the_Don - 26-3-14 at 07:56

Baldo_the_Don - 28-3-14 at 02:51

Baldo_the_Don - 30-3-14 at 05:51

Baldo_the_Don - 1-4-14 at 04:07

Baldo_the_Don - 3-4-14 at 07:38


Baldo_the_Don - 5-4-14 at 14:59

Baldo_the_Don - 8-4-14 at 08:06

Baldo_the_Don - 10-4-14 at 03:00


Baldo_the_Don - 17-4-14 at 16:55

Baldo_the_Don - 20-4-14 at 02:41

Free Speech

In-case-xkcd's-image-fails-to-load bonus:

Baldo_the_Don - 23-4-14 at 20:25

Baldo_the_Don - 25-4-14 at 09:28

Baldo_the_Don - 3-5-14 at 03:33

Baldo_the_Don - 6-5-14 at 04:16

Yeah, so, I keep not finding anything that I'd like to post, except this, but I'm just gonna leave that here as a link, 'cause I haven't the slightest doubt that everybody's seen it a million times already.

The cute indian girl's name is Sunita Mani, one third of COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM. She's funny.

Baldo_the_Don - 9-5-14 at 07:07

Baldo_the_Don - 10-5-14 at 15:31

Baldo_the_Don - 12-5-14 at 08:14

Baldo_the_Don - 13-5-14 at 22:08

Baldo_the_Don - 15-5-14 at 02:28

Baldo_the_Don - 16-5-14 at 14:48

Baldo_the_Don - 19-5-14 at 01:23

Baldo_the_Don - 21-5-14 at 23:07

Baldo_the_Don - 27-5-14 at 09:06

ShadowZ - 29-5-14 at 14:12

Hey All, picked up Joint Ops a few days ago, and have been loving it so far. Much different than DFx and DFx2. :A

Thinking about getting back into modding at some point, still pretty busy with a job as well as modding/coding for FringeSpace.

Baldo_the_Don - 2-6-14 at 03:11

Baldo_the_Don - 4-6-14 at 07:14

Baldo_the_Don - 6-6-14 at 15:05

Baldo_the_Don - 10-6-14 at 20:38

Baldo_the_Don - 16-6-14 at 00:04

Baldo_the_Don - 19-6-14 at 07:45

You see, the problem is not necessarily that it's grillin' season, so the usual suspects are out enjoying vittles rapidly oxidized over more completely burning charred former tree chunks, the problem is that my taste in entertainment could be considered more morally clashing with which a more family oriented site such as this would feel comfortable putting on display. And recently, almost everything I'm enjoying is a bit too dirty to embed on the Reload.

But anyway... Katherine Ryan:

Baldo_the_Don - 21-6-14 at 05:30

Baldo_the_Don - 23-6-14 at 13:57

Baldo_the_Don - 25-6-14 at 22:21

Baldo_the_Don - 30-6-14 at 09:21

Baldo_the_Don - 5-7-14 at 12:28

Late fee:

Baldo_the_Don - 8-7-14 at 03:35

Baldo_the_Don - 10-7-14 at 15:25

Baldo_the_Don - 16-7-14 at 14:03

Baldo_the_Don - 19-7-14 at 22:29

Baldo_the_Don - 21-7-14 at 21:18

System Of A Down - Sugar (Official HD Video)

Baldo_the_Don - 27-7-14 at 02:46

Baldo_the_Don - 29-7-14 at 04:43

Baldo_the_Don - 1-8-14 at 07:02

Original version:

Baldo_the_Don - 5-8-14 at 15:01

Baldo_the_Don - 8-8-14 at 01:20


Baldo_the_Don - 9-8-14 at 20:50

Bootie Dragon Con Mashups · Vikings On Dark Horses (DJ Schmolli)


Ziprock - 12-8-14 at 09:43

Baldo_the_Don - 20-8-14 at 07:46

Baldo_the_Don - 22-8-14 at 23:20

Baldo_the_Don - 26-8-14 at 01:41

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

* (Insert silent beat here.)

Edit: Bonus fun.

Baldo_the_Don - 28-8-14 at 21:45

Baldo_the_Don - 30-8-14 at 20:10

Baldo_the_Don - 5-9-14 at 22:37

Baldo_the_Don - 11-9-14 at 06:41

Baldo_the_Don - 12-9-14 at 23:15


Baldo_the_Don - 15-9-14 at 21:43

Baldo_the_Don - 17-9-14 at 09:12

Baldo_the_Don - 28-9-14 at 19:24

Baldo_the_Don - 6-10-14 at 05:46

Days go by and nothing postable appears. I followed my list of liked videos back a few weeks and I found this:

So, that should explain everything, I imagine...

Baldo_the_Don - 9-10-14 at 16:01

Baldo_the_Don - 10-10-14 at 22:08

The Sake of Argument

Baldo_the_Don - 13-10-14 at 05:44

It happens rarely enough that I'm torn between two postables, and even though I might wish I'd saved one of these tomorrow, I'm embedding 'em both:

Baldo_the_Don - 18-10-14 at 23:18

Baldo_the_Don - 22-10-14 at 06:49

Baldo_the_Don - 26-10-14 at 11:04

Higgs Boson

Baldo_the_Don - 30-10-14 at 23:38

Baldo_the_Don - 4-11-14 at 21:41

Baldo_the_Don - 16-11-14 at 05:31

Sorry about the verticality:

Baldo_the_Don - 21-11-14 at 06:25

Baldo_the_Don - 30-11-14 at 00:21

Baldo_the_Don - 2-12-14 at 19:50

Baldo_the_Don - 4-12-14 at 20:24

Baldo_the_Don - 8-12-14 at 23:01

Baldo_the_Don - 13-12-14 at 09:15

Baldo_the_Don - 22-12-14 at 19:10

Baldo_the_Don - 2-1-15 at 22:46

Ziprock - 5-1-15 at 13:49

here is a picture of my cat yawning. that is all.

Baldo edits:

Got to be careful, Zip... I've said before that this thread could so easily end up another catpit on the internet. I have to actively restrain myself from exclusively making cat posts. But, you know... cats!

Baldo_the_Don - 16-1-15 at 19:53

Baldo_the_Don - 22-1-15 at 09:01

Gut Fauna

See!? I'm not a crazy cat-lady!

Baldo_the_Don - 31-1-15 at 00:10



Baldo_the_Don - 3-2-15 at 09:32

Baldo_the_Don - 4-2-15 at 21:42

Baldo_the_Don - 6-2-15 at 22:40

Quotative Like

Baldo_the_Don - 8-2-15 at 06:09

Baldo_the_Don - 10-2-15 at 13:53

Baldo_the_Don - 16-2-15 at 15:25

Baldo_the_Don - 18-2-15 at 14:22

Baldo_the_Don - 21-2-15 at 17:03

SothPaw =WT= embedded this over at NW2.

It gets uploaded to YouTube now and then, and it gets taken down sooner or later, so watch it while you can:

Baldo_the_Don - 1-3-15 at 16:37

Baldo_the_Don - 7-3-15 at 07:21

Baldo_the_Don - 11-3-15 at 03:44

Baldo_the_Don - 14-3-15 at 12:27

Baldo_the_Don - 16-3-15 at 13:41

Baldo_the_Don - 20-3-15 at 18:20

Baldo_the_Don - 27-3-15 at 16:35


Baldo_the_Don - 30-3-15 at 01:29

Baldo_the_Don - 6-4-15 at 07:47

Baldo_the_Don - 14-4-15 at 04:35

Friends was never really a thing for me. I've lived in Germany since the early ninties, so I've never seen more than clips on YouTube, or a few seconds while flipping through channels. They show it here on TV, yeah, but it never really became the cultural juggernaut that it is in America. I have no really strong feelings about Friends at all.

Similarly, I haven't even watched this video yet:

But it's Cracked After Hours, and they usually get it right, and I want to post something today.


Baldo_the_Don - 16-4-15 at 21:42

Ever find an hour where your boat's not moving, and even if it was, there hasn't been a Great White spotted near Amity in forty years, so you have nothing scheduled and you need to kill a sleek sixty minutes? Then stay the hell away from! You'll start browsing there after dinner, and when next you look up, the sun's peeking over the horizon, you can't find your pants, and where in Bobcat Goldthwaite's name is that smell coming from?!

Anyway, I found a link there:

Baldo_the_Don - 21-4-15 at 21:33

Baldo_the_Don - 24-4-15 at 21:56

But this made me laugh.

Baldo_the_Don - 27-4-15 at 23:32

Baldo_the_Don - 3-5-15 at 04:35

I probably would've embedded this a lot sooner, otherwise.

Baldo_the_Don - 8-5-15 at 09:29

Baldo_the_Don - 14-5-15 at 23:21

Baldo_the_Don - 19-5-15 at 18:00

If someone told me that one day, my absolute favorite form of entertainment, tinnitus therapy, sleep inducement, and general social interaction avoidance would be downloading sound files of two or three people just talking and playing them during every free moment, nap, and party, I would have decided they were insane, turned up the Pantera on my earphones, and moved to a different seat on the bus.

Then I discovered podcasts.

Walking the Room with Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt was a favorite of mine, but they stopped making it. Dave does The Dollop now:

If you're overly language sensitive, don't bother pressing play. If you're an over-zealous patriot, you'll find The Dollop offensive. If your name's Gareth, The Dollop will be infuriating.

But, if you always suspected that history really was the best subject ever taught, you just never managed to stay awake in class long enough to confirm it, or if the caffeine worked and you learned enough to be sure they cut out the best parts, then The Dollop is your thing.

Baldo_the_Don - 24-5-15 at 11:01

Baldo_the_Don - 26-5-15 at 05:59

Baldo_the_Don - 3-6-15 at 04:23

I've discussed the cat media limit I impose upon myself in this thread, and may even expand that to dog media for the sake of fairness, but I'm finding it difficult to work up any dread of hamster oversaturation...

I'm probably wrong about that. We'll see.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-6-15 at 04:28

I think this is fun:

Gone with the Blastwave by Kimmo Limetti

Baldo_the_Don - 16-6-15 at 20:05

Baldo_the_Don - 20-6-15 at 21:10

Baldo_the_Don - 23-6-15 at 06:08

I really wanted to embed this, but I've posted enough cat stuff for now. I would like to embed this, but it's not safe for work, although it does explain why red hair happens.

So, on, I saw some ass music from The Garden of Earthly Delights:

Baldo_the_Don - 4-7-15 at 07:48

Baldo_the_Don - 5-7-15 at 16:37

Baldo_the_Don - 18-7-15 at 03:08

Baldo_the_Don - 29-7-15 at 14:03

I thought this would be fun, but the last post was Felicia-Day-centric, so I'll just link you and note that 3:06 was when I first really noticed she got booty.

Baldo_the_Don - 5-8-15 at 15:19


This link will take you to the Sklarbro Country Podcast episode 259 with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at

Baldo_the_Don - 1-9-15 at 06:27

I used to be able to find postable stuff. I still keep an eye open for it, if I don't actively search it out, but I think my feeling for postable stuff has numbed, or maybe I just keep finding things that're too much like previously posted stuff.

For instance:

Heidi May works with and/or for her friend Henry Rollings. Henry is an intense renaissance man of many talents and admirable character. In each episode of their podcast, Heidi reminds Henry of an adventure, a friend, or and experience he's had, and Henry recalls the story for her and us. The stories are all really, really good.


Rollings is not Henry's real name. That what Heidi's parents call him. Henry Rollins was the singer for Black Flag, Rollins Band, and is the author of many books.

So, if enthralling rock and roll stories are your thing, go to and enjoy.

Baldo_the_Don - 2-9-15 at 12:11


Age-restricted 'cause of animated violence and, um, "jiggle-physics." Probably.

Baldo_the_Don - 10-9-15 at 01:04

Baldo_the_Don - 20-9-15 at 20:43

Baldo_the_Don - 26-9-15 at 08:08

The name of the channel is "F*** You Zombie," but they're germans, and they understand that f*** is a bad word, it's just not considered that bad of a word.

The URL "f***" is displayed at the end of the video, so heads up, right?

Baldo_the_Don - 4-10-15 at 05:33

The video is so-la-la (in American, that means "meh"), but I like the song.

Baldo_the_Don - 13-10-15 at 18:17

Handjob Cabin (Official HD Trailer) by Bennet Silverman

It's not porn.

Baldo_the_Don - 29-10-15 at 12:02


Baldo_the_Don - 3-11-15 at 18:24

Been obsessed with Portishead recently. I dunno...

Baldo_the_Don - 5-11-15 at 22:57

Baldo_the_Don - 7-11-15 at 19:30

Baldo_the_Don - 22-11-15 at 04:51

Baldo_the_Don - 25-11-15 at 01:07

WOLFGIRL | NBC Pilot Presentation from Mike Bernstein on Vimeo.


Baldo_the_Don - 9-12-15 at 03:00

"Turn Down For What" Without Music


Or google Sunita Mani.

Baldo_the_Don - 12-12-15 at 00:37

Baldo_the_Don - 18-12-15 at 21:23

Baldo_the_Don - 20-12-15 at 07:34

Baldo_the_Don - 22-12-15 at 08:29

Baldo_the_Don - 9-1-16 at 01:08

Baldo_the_Don - 24-1-16 at 06:13

Pixies - River Euphrates

Age-restricted 'cause the video is just a still of the cover of the Surfer Rosa album and the model is topless.

Baldo_the_Don - 27-1-16 at 22:40

There's F-bombs:

Baldo_the_Don - 13-2-16 at 02:17

Also: Unembeddable, sorry.

Baldo_the_Don - 18-2-16 at 07:18

Baldo_the_Don - 21-2-16 at 13:14

Baldo_the_Don - 4-3-16 at 22:10

Baldo_the_Don - 12-3-16 at 01:48

Baldo_the_Don - 18-3-16 at 04:17

St. Patrick's Day Bonus:

Baldo_the_Don - 24-3-16 at 17:22

Baldo_the_Don - 30-3-16 at 23:38

Baldo_the_Don - 3-5-16 at 20:30

Message in a Bottle

Baldo_the_Don - 8-5-16 at 00:33

Baldo_the_Don - 28-5-16 at 18:59

Baldo_the_Don - 2-6-16 at 19:12

Baldo_the_Don - 16-6-16 at 10:35

For better sound.

Baldo_the_Don - 30-6-16 at 11:26

Baldo_the_Don - 13-7-16 at 23:54

Baldo_the_Don - 30-8-16 at 00:17

Yeah, okay... I could've posted something the second I noticed the DFReload was back up, even if Bluetiereign got a post in before me, but I had set some standards for this thread, and well, sometimes my autopilot fails to deactivate, and upon seeing Bluetiereign's post I thought, "Well, maybe tomorrow..." and went about my day.

All for naught, I couldn't really find anything postable, so I'll give you this video. When my wife is tired at the end of the day and she watches it, she just collapses in a laughing fit. It's almost scary.

Glad you're back though, DFReload. I missed you.

Baldo_the_Don - 23-10-16 at 00:20

I listen to Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. Margo Price is a country musician. She was a guest on WTF a while ago. I looked up her music on YouTube. I don't hate it:

I hope you don't hate it, either.

Edit: If you need a devil-music palette cleanser, this doesn't suck: WITCHERY - Nosferatu (Lyric Video) - Century Media Records

Baldo_the_Don - 11-11-16 at 00:51

This song haunts me. I find the video chilling.

Baldo_the_Don - 29-11-16 at 04:28

Baldo_the_Don - 12-12-16 at 18:25

Baldo_the_Don - 20-1-17 at 09:03

Baldo_the_Don - 9-2-17 at 12:27

Baldo_the_Don - 30-4-17 at 09:59

Baldo_the_Don - 19-5-17 at 22:29


'Cause Chris Cornell died. 'Cause so many others have died. 'Cause life is so short, no matter how long. 'Cause the water molecules in our bodies are older than the sun. 'Cause gold can only be made by the heat and pressure in the heart of a star gone supernova, which means the only way there's any on Earth is that the universe started, stars formed, died, disintegrated, scattered, recollected into clouds, collapsed into planets, one of which is ours. 'Cause existence has been since forever and we are not. 'Cause we are not for forever.

But we are for now. I hope you appreciate that. Hug somebody, maybe.

Baldo_the_Don - 19-6-17 at 03:00

Relevant: This.

Baldo_the_Don - 23-6-17 at 05:10

Baldo_the_Don - 1-9-17 at 04:47

Baldo_the_Don - 22-10-17 at 04:13


Baldo_the_Don - 28-10-17 at 07:58

Baldo_the_Don - 24-11-17 at 07:00

So I've been watching a lot of "Daria" lately, Kim Deal was just on Marc Maron's "WTF Podcast", and this song was the weather on "Welcome to Night Vale" episode 118:

It's so stuck in my head, I hate/love it so much, and the confluence of media listed above is inflicting a stab of nostalgia for all the nineties coolness that I missed while I was deployed/fronting-a-heavy-metal-band that I can only describe as "impalement."


Also, "Spaced". And maybe Happy Thanksgiving?

Baldo_the_Don - 26-12-17 at 14:59

If you know your Lovecraft, you'll laugh a bit. If you don't, don't bother watching, you'll be bored.

Hope you had some good winter solstice celebrations, and that your new calendar is nice.

Baldo_the_Don - 16-3-18 at 13:35

Baldo_the_Don - 26-4-18 at 06:49

Baldo_the_Don - 22-9-18 at 05:15

Melvins - Honey Bucket (Music Video)

Age-restricted 'cause A) there's women in it B) there's a dude smoking in it C) there's a Mounty in a Melvins T-shirt D) ???

Baldo_the_Don - 30-10-18 at 09:03

Baldo_the_Don - 20-11-18 at 19:58

Airplanes and Spaceships

Baldo_the_Don - 6-1-19 at 22:14

Baldo_the_Don - 2-2-19 at 09:39

Baldo_the_Don - 21-3-19 at 01:33

Nobody's Daughter - Joe Shields

I saw Jesus on the highway
Sun-burnt, thumbin' for a ride
An' I sure hope He will forgive me
For leavin' him behind

Over the mountains them clouds are cryin'
Bringin' with 'em dark sky
The wind is drivin' those trees to dancin'
That eagle got a rabbit on his mind

An' I saw Jesus on the highway
Holdin' a cardboard sign
How did He get on up ahead o' me?
That sign said, 'For your sins, I died'

She never promised me more than company
By the way she loved me that was a lie
Truck stop lover
Nobody’s daughter
Madman's brain on fire

Ave Maria

I saw Jesus on the highway
Third time before the sun went down
Backpack full of salvation
I did not flinch
I put the hammer down

She’s on the back of a
But man, this truck can fly
Don’t know she’s runnin'
Don’t hear me comin'
That eagle got a rabbit
In his eye

Ave Maria

Jesus passed me on the highway
Maria sittin' by his side
But she was shinin' like the Northern Star over a moonless
Bethlehem sky

Fences unmended
Cattle's restless, truck in a ditch on fire
Devil's limousine
Pulls up beside me an' offers me
A ride

Ave Maria

Baldo_the_Don - 8-4-19 at 08:52

Rammstein - Deutschland (Official Video)

Deutschland - Rammstein

Du (du hast, du hast, du hast, du hast)
You (you have, you have, you have, you have)
Hast viel geweint (geweint, geweint, geweint, geweint)
Have cried a lot (cried, cried, cried, cried)
Im Geist getrennt (getrennt, getrennt, getrennt, getrennt)
In spirit, divided (divided, divided, divided, divided)
Im Herz vereint (vereint, vereint, vereint, vereint)
In heart, united (united, united, united, united)
Wir (wir sind, wir sind, wir sind, wir sind)
We (we are, we are, we are, we are)
Sind schon sehr lang zusammen (ihr seid, ihr seid, ihr seid, ihr seid)
Have been so long together (you all are, you all are, you all are, you all are)
Dein Atem kalt (so kalt, so kalt, so kalt, so kalt)
Your cold breath (so cold, so cold, so cold, so cold)
Das Herz in Flammen (so heiß, so heiß, so heiß, so heiß )
The heart in flames (so hot, so hot, so hot, so hot)
Du (du kannst, du kannst, du kannst, du kannst)
You (you can, you can, you can, you can)
Ich (ich weiß, ich weiß, ich weiß, ich weiß )
I (I know, I know, I know, I know)
Wir (wir sind, wir sind, wir sind, wir sind)
We (we are, we are, we are, we are)
Ihr (ihr bleibt, ihr bleibt, ihr bleibt, ihr bleibt)
You all (you all remain, you all remain, you all remain, you all remain)

Mein Herz in Flammen
My heart in flames
Will dich lieben und verdammen
Wants to love you and dang you
Dein Atem kalt
Your cold breath
So jung und doch so alt
So young and yet so old

Ich (du hast, du hast, du hast, du hast)
I (you have, you have, you have, you have)
Ich will dich nie verlassen (du weinst, du weinst, du weinst, du weinst)
I never want to leave you (you cry, you cry, you cry, you cry)
Man kann dich lieben (du liebst, du liebst, du liebst, du liebst)
One can love you (you love, you love, you love, you love)
Und will dich hassen (du hasst, du hasst, du hasst, du hasst)
And want to hate you (you hate, you hate, you hate, you hate)
Take on
Take over
Hand over
Deutschland, Deutschland über allen
Germany, Germany above everyone

Mein Herz in Flammen
My heart in flames
Will dich lieben und verdammen
Wants to love you and dang you
Dein Atem kalt
Your cold breath
So jung und doch so alt
So young and yet so old
Deine Liebe
Your love
Ist Fluch und Segen
Is curse and blessing
Meine Liebe
My love
Kann ich dir nicht geben
I cannot give to you

You all
Du (übermächtig, überflüssig)
You (overpowered, obsolete)
Ich (übermenschen, überdrüssig)
I (super-humans, boring)
Wir (wer hoch steigt, der wird tief fallen)
We (he who climbs high will fall far)
Ihr (Deutschland, Deutschland über allen)
You all (Germany, Germany above everyone)

Dein Herz in Flammen
Your heart in flames
Will dich lieben und verdammen
Wants to love you and dang you
Mein Atem kalt
My cold breath
So jung und doch so alt
So young and yet so old
Deine Liebe
Your love
Ist Fluch und Segen
Is curse and blessing
Meine Liebe
My love
Kann ich dir nicht geben
I cannot give to you

The problem with translating these lyrics is that some words in german have multiple meanings, and Rammstein so love their wordplay. Where you see multiple english translations under the german originals, I'm trying to show you not the most likely translation, but all likely translations, because they are probably all relevant.

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Und sonst, nur ein Wort, bitte.

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I had actually posted the Badalamenti song a while ago, so I've gone with this. You're not ready, but it's about time I stop putting it off.

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Is this a dream?

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Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie

Do you remember a guy that's been
In such an early song?
I've heard a rumour from Ground Control.
Oh no, don't say it's true.

They got a message from the Action Man:
"I'm happy, hope you're happy too.
I've loved all I've needed, love.
Sordid details following."

The shrieking of nothing is killing, just
Pictures of jap girls in synthesis, and I
Ain't got no money and I ain't got no heirs.
But I'm hoping to kick, but the planet it's glowing.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky,
We know Major Tom's a junkie.
Strung out in Heaven's high,
Hitting an all-time low.

Time and again I tell myself,
"I'll stay clean tonight."
But the little green wheels are following.
Oh no, not again.
I'm stuck with a valuable friend.
I'm happy, hope you're happy too.
One flash of light, but no smoking pistol.

I've never done good things,
And I've never done bad things.
I never did anything out of the blue.
Want an axe to break the ice.
Wanna come down right now.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky,
We know Major Tom's a junkie.
Strung out in Heaven's high,
Hitting an all-time low.

My mother said, "To get things done, you better not mess with Major Tom."

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