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Attaching and Posting Images in Posts..
Eagle_Eye - 23-12-07 at 14:38

Can you guys keep any images to about 640 x 480. when you post big images the forums get pushed over.

So, unless your running a desktop bigger than the size of the pic, you'll get a horzontal scroll bar, which is a pain in the ass..


Chrispy - 23-12-07 at 15:10

Is it possible to have some script automatically re-size the images?

I do know Invision Power Board has an automatic system which re-sizes stuff if too big.

Chris :)

Eagle_Eye - 23-12-07 at 15:14

Yeah, but I don't have that mod for this version of the XMB forum, I do have it for the next version, but we're not updating until we can secure a copy of the portal mod.

You can view my test forum here..


Eagle_Eye - 23-12-07 at 16:18

Actually, I found an old Mod for this forum, already in my collection..LOL..just haven't installed it yet..

Seems to work OK..

See the test post here at my DFR backup..this mod will control images posted an attached image, but not resize an image using bb code to a url,

The Mod I have for the new forum witth not control an attached image, but will control one from a bb code..

Will install here a bit later tonight.


Chrispy - 24-12-07 at 17:47

I remember many times posting images here that screwed up the forum template, lol.

So from now on, yes, it would be good if all images at least could be 640 x 480.

This way it's a lot easier to read and makes the forum look clean - like how EE said.

If you want a program that can resize images, download IrfanView.

I also believe, you can use this tag:

To use, REMOVE the asteriks (the "*" symbols). And replace the link with your own link as well. ;)

So if you're new to this forum, please read this thread before posting images.

You might wanna make this an announcement or something lol EE - or we can just leave this thread here for now.

Chris :)

Eagle_Eye - 24-12-07 at 17:50

It's already a Sticky in this forum..