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med not work
coopwarriors - 3-2-18 at 06:00

Hi. are there more people who have problem with med tool .for me only dftfdmedv193a works . the others who quit. when I start them. I work with windows 10

Bustin - 3-2-18 at 13:55

Hey there. A fix for this issue was released this week. Follow this download link.

coopwarriors - 3-2-18 at 22:24

I did what i have read , they are on the desktop, I've run the RunMe file as administrator, but it's not working, it says he can't find the path, cause the file AppFix.sdb needs to be in the same folder as the RunMe.bat, but it is. Can you please help? I've got Windows 10 64-bit pc.

Bustin - 9-2-18 at 16:12

If you are on Facebook there is a Delta Force group where people are more active than this forum.

Or you can try at Nova-Hq.

I only play DF2 myself.