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wac or med limiting vehicle positions
AKMARK5000 - 18-9-11 at 02:14

I am in the middle of making a map ending where three AI POWs are escaping. They follow a waypoint path (I used the MED to set this part up). The escapees then get into a humvee with a 50cal position (I used wac commands "ssn2ssn" to set this part up). When they get into the vehicle they always fill up the driver position and gunner position. How do I set them to take any position except gunner or driver?

ShadowZ - 18-9-11 at 02:33

If your using the DFX med, you may be able to use the Waypoint trick:

There are a set of special "waypoint lists" at the very bottom of the selection, that are specifically tailored to interacting with vehicles. One example is "Nearest Vehicle : Any" which translates to "Sit in the nearest vehicle, any seat."

If I remember correctly, there is "Any," "Driver," "Driver or Gunner," "Gunner," "Not Driver or Gunner."

AKMARK5000 - 18-9-11 at 02:39

I am aware of those... used them before. The problem I am having is that I have already assigned a waypoint path using the MED, so, I can't see how I can use the MED to assign another waypoint.

Godfather - 18-9-11 at 21:27

Don't.. Just assingn it in your WAC

Look here:

AKMARK5000 - 19-9-11 at 06:04

I end up vaporizing the group when they reached the end of their waypoint path. this looks as if they piled into the back of a truck.

I couldn't get Godfater's wac to work... I'll figure out what I was doing wrong sometime after... Thanks though.

PREDATOR-53rd - 19-9-11 at 18:44

have you tried changing group change, and changing the group number of your escapees? that should get the group to stop using a waypoint assigned to them once the group number has been changed. then redirect the new group number(escapees) to a new waypoint, and if you don't what a gunner, and your vehicle has 4 seats and one gun only use 4 guys to fill the vehicle assigning only one driver and the rest not gunner or driver in that group. not sure any of this will work just an idea.

PREDATOR-53rd - 19-9-11 at 18:52

you could always set you ecape's to blind after they mount the vehicle that way one will mount the gun but will not fire :)

Josh26Indy - 19-9-11 at 19:41

Not sure about the way-point problem.... But I remember i had a similar question once &
Im thinking I was told to use the "internal ssn" or something like that, maybe that would work for you.
However it would take someone with better WAC coding skills to tell you how to set it up
to find the SSN numbers of the seats themselves.

then it would be back to the way-point issue.