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Turning AI's
LoneWolf - 16-1-08 at 15:09

How can you turn them so they aren't looking at the bldg? I turn them in nile but, when I go to play the map ai is turned looking at the bldg any ideas?

JET - 17-1-08 at 05:35

No idea, i once tried making a joke map called firing line where the ai are the firing line and you are the victim. no matter what i did the ai were looking away when the map started. kinda killed what i wanted to get lol

basicly sometimes the ai dont do what they are told, no matter what.

PREDATOR-53rd - 17-1-08 at 09:45

not sure but you might try setting the ai to target exclusively group1

group 2 exclusively target group 1

set them to red alert set thier engagement range to your sight range

it's worth a try anyway.

AssassinXaero - 17-1-08 at 10:25

There is also the ssnturn(SSN#,*) wac command. *= Degrees of direction facing.

LoneWolf - 17-1-08 at 15:57

Thanks for the info not giving up yet lol.