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Angel Falls
Iceman - 22-11-08 at 07:24

I have been reading a few items around the Internet with interest regarding the new game from Novalogic titled Angle Falls.

There seems to be a lot of excitement and anticipation since this new game has come to light.

There is all so a lot of speculation and hear say as to what this game will have and not have. I for one will wait until I have the final product intalled on my PC to pass any comment.

How many times have gamers been disappointed with programs because they did not meet their expectations.

It seems to me that the game producers are leaning more to-wards the console gamers and the PC is just an after thought.

Ubisoft and EA Games are pursuing the console market with avengement just look at Farcry 2.

We are also seeing a trend in more on-line games such as Warhammer & World of Warcraft just to name a few, which if supported can earn the producers a lot of money.

The next generation of Command & Conquer will be aimed at on-line gamers.

I have been a supporter of Novalogic games from Delta Force 1 and I have also been disappointed in some of the games released because of expectations and hear say prior to their release.

Well this time I will wait and see what Novalogic releases to the public and then I will make a judgment.

I hope that Novalogic will take in to account the success of their past releases and produce a program that has all the features possible for all the types of gamers out there. Such as,

Coop Play, Multi-player, map-ability just to name a few.

Lets face it we all thought that Nile was going to be a good replacement for the mission editor, but that had limitations and was not really supported by Novalogic.

This post is not aimed at anyone or any game producer it is just an opinion from someone that has been around for a long time.


Iceman :R

Chrispy - 23-11-08 at 16:18

Agreed Ice.

New NILE will kick ass - this info's from the head of design for Angel Falls:

Iceman - 24-11-08 at 15:15

I will believe it when I see it Chrispy....

We have had promises before from Novlogic and have been disappointed.


Lioness29 - 25-11-08 at 04:06

As far as Nile is concerned, from what I've found so far, it's ok for all games bar single player and coop.

Coop games made with Nile I find utterley confusing because there is no waypoint arrows telling you where to go next, you have to follow what comes up on screen telling you what to do next and if you happen to miss it, you're utterley lost and just end up following all the other players hoping they know where to go and what to do next :S

All the information comes from the WAC file although you are told what you have to do to successfully complete the mission with the press of a key.

Now if they made Nile more like the Map Editor on Far Cry 2, it would all be so much easier, you make all your own hills, valleys and so easy to do :)

So as far as the type of map Editor which will be used for Angel Falls, we'll have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed for an improved Nile :)