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Cheers Doc, I raise my glass to you...
Eagle_Eye - 12-4-15 at 00:08

8 years ago..

To my friend, 8 years today, we lost a mate, your picture sits proudly on my desk..

My left arm carries a memorial tattoo..

Never to be forgotten..

Miss you my friend.

I repost my poem in your honour..

White Crosses

Thousands of white crosses
Standing all in a row
As I walk amongst them
The tears begin to flow
They walked into battle
Showing no fear
Gave their lives for their country
Now they are buried here

Thousands of white crosses
Marked with name and rank
I walk in between them
Wondering which one to thank
I fall to my knees
Thanks for being so brave
We can not thank you enough
For that which you gave

Thousands of white crosses
To remember you by
Somewhere to go
And ask ourselves why
But we all know why you did it
Your dedication to all men
We give you our gratitude
God Bless you, Amen.

Dedicated to Master Corporal Allan Stewart.
Royal Canadian Dragoons
KIA Afghanistan 11 April 2007

A.C. Salter 2010

Inspired by the opening scenes of "Saving Private Ryan"