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Sorry about the downed site
Eagle_Eye - 30-4-14 at 11:53

Hi all, sorry about the downed sites, had a hacker alarm from our hosts, so we had to move everything to a secure location..

I have removed the potential threat, and have put everything back on line..

That includes DFBarracks and all associated sites we host :)



RedneckRetart - 30-4-14 at 13:30

Glad to see everything is alright.

Eagle_Eye - 30-4-14 at 14:50

Thanks Red, thought the worst and was thinking about you having to come to the rescue yet again.. LOL..

Glad your still around :)


RedneckRetart - 1-5-14 at 02:23

I'm always lurking around in the shadows ;)

Eagle_Eye - 1-5-14 at 03:24

Glad to hear that :)

Baldo_the_Don - 1-5-14 at 05:37

The last few weeks, the internet's been wonky for me, anyway. The wife upgraded our connection without consulting me first, it took a few days to get bandwidth up to spec, and here and there, I've been experiencing connection failures, unfindable domains, pages with destroyed formatting, and xkcd images not loading. Apparently, you have to make sure the proxies are shut off or something...

So really, I just figured it was me getting heartbled. I barely know what I'm doing anymore.

Eagle_Eye - 1-5-14 at 10:37

LOL, well, rest assured, this time it wasn't you..

Hey, I saw you pop up on TS3 last night, sorry I didn't have time to drop in and say hi, I hope too at some time have a chat to you :)

Thanks for your ongoing support to this site too :)