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Topic Review

[*] posted on 2-8-15 at 14:43
Yeah, exactly..

I think the hosts are paranoid lol 👍


[*] posted on 2-8-15 at 01:11
sounds like a script written with good intentions but when implemented just causes problems :mad:

[*] posted on 28-11-13 at 19:15
Oh, ok, that explains that. I didn't under stand that. Then again your host is strange too. I wonder if my host would do that. I'll have to check on that.

[*] posted on 28-11-13 at 15:29
You misunderstand me..


I name a map "water" and upload it..

The script will pick it up, and think it's an illegal file..

Simple fix, don't upload map files that might conflict..

Call the zip something like Then, in your map description it's ok to call it Water World, cos the script doesn't read the MySQL database file where the forum draws the stored text from..

Ps, we don't store any movies, full games etc on the server, as that is illegal and violates our hosting agreement.


[*] posted on 3-11-13 at 20:00
Hi! Ice and EE. If users are uploading movies and files that have some kind of trade mark. The trade mark is related to that movie or file. I think you need to get that script off your hosting account. I would call them.

The idea is guys that what ever is getting uploaded. Has some kind of trade mark. No matter if is a game. a file or a movie. What will happen when some one wants to create a trade mark for this web site.

?.. The trade mark gets displayed at the bottom of every web site. So your hosting company has some thing wrong. ®

[*] posted on 14-7-13 at 19:42
HI Guys, we've had a bit of trouble with our host.

They have a new Trademark script which looks for files with names that might conflict with tradmark names.

This has shut the site down twice in the last week.

Please do not use names of Movies or any trade marked item as a map name.

Those of you with FTP access, please do not upload any files that will set off this script.

Many Thanks

EE & Iceman

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