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Hi everyone
Just stopped in to say hi. Haven't been by in a while. Hope everything is good with everyone and eve ...
13-10-18 at 07:35
by: Tac
Just dropped in to say hi and see how things are going.
Nice to see you're still up and running.
26-3-17 at 07:05
by: Tac
Hello m8s,
What happened to WTF squad?
9-2-13 at 10:00
by: Tac
5 Years Ago...
His family is in my thoughts and prayers!
15-4-12 at 08:19
by: Tac
Kudos m8s, I'm still around good to see you are too. Cheers to EE and Iceman and all my m8s @ dfrel ...
15-4-12 at 08:17
by: Tac
Need Map Tested
Hello M8s been very busy for a while but now that the #1 Tier 1 personality has been eliminated mayb ...
7-5-11 at 11:18
by: Tac
Map Upload Problem
I had the same problem when I tryed to upload large SP maps
EE worked it out ;)
29-8-10 at 10:50
by: Tac
Or crap forgot to mention Lioness29! you know you're my most favotite kitty! :F
7-3-10 at 04:09
by: Tac
Hello m8s!
Hope everyone and families doing well.
Sorry havenít been by lately, been very busy. ...
7-3-10 at 04:06
by: Tac
Wav Files
Hi Iceman

downloading now

sounds like it has what I was looking for and a whole bunch more ...
23-8-09 at 09:26
by: Tac
Wav Files
anyone seen a wav file list for DFX2?
23-8-09 at 02:34
by: Tac
Problems with Black Ops. Mod.
Sorry off topic.
I love your new avatar Lioness
23-8-09 at 02:18
by: Tac
Happy Birthday
Cheers, Not a year older a year wiser
Still looking for a MOD with cheerleaders to save for ya.
HB ...
30-7-09 at 09:06
by: Tac
TKOTH Navidation Red or Blue
Iím not a TKOTH map maker; I have made one for a group as a gift to them. Someone else may have a be ...
11-7-09 at 13:29
by: Tac
Map Server Display Name Problem
If you named your map in the .bin file I believe that will over ride what you named it on the Genera ...
9-7-09 at 08:54
by: Tac
Blue Host changes the rules..
This site!
and tyvm
24-6-09 at 10:30
by: Tac
Blue Host changes the rules..
I'm still getting error "you must enter file name" when I try to upload large zip map folders. : ...
22-6-09 at 00:06
by: Tac
2002 - 2009 Canadian Tribute
Only the dead have seen the end of war.
Rest In Peace.
Thoughts and prayers to their families and ...
15-6-09 at 00:21
by: Tac
Keyboard commands for 3-D wire frame view.
Hello m8s
Was talking to Exterminator-WTF the other day and he wanted to know the key board comman ...
14-6-09 at 11:15
by: Tac
Stereoscopic gaming
I did get the NVIDIAģ 3D Vision glasses and a head tracker. I donít recall what company made the hea ...
14-6-09 at 10:24
by: Tac
Respawning Sachel Decorations
Ok you have your satchels in place.
If you highlight the satchel charges one at a time in the descr ...
12-6-09 at 09:26
by: Tac
Respawning Sachel Decorations
I donít think you can respawn that item however you could place a teleport marker on or above it. Pl ...
12-6-09 at 04:14
by: Tac
Rat Sass is retiring his colours
sad :(
i remember Major Mayhem
many years ago
so many have come and gone
Take care m8
16-5-09 at 13:24
by: Tac
Need a few good voices
Hello Eagle_Eye, Iceman, Chrispy and all my m8s at dfreload looks like I may be around a little long ...
30-3-09 at 01:53
by: Tac
Hello m8s
Been gone for 6 months and leaving again for a couple more will try to drop in again soon. Have some ...
26-3-09 at 04:09
by: Tac
Task Force Dagger to DFX Project
Dang, you guys are the schit!
15-8-08 at 03:12
by: Tac
Glad to here you liked them m8. I try to make a wide variety of maps to appeal to widest audience. I ...
10-8-08 at 23:14
by: Tac
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