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JO: AW Update v1.1
Description: Remember to set your servername to v1.1 so people know which version you're hosting.
Size: 21.9 Mb
Type: application/octet-stream
Date Added: 4-12-07
Last Download: 27-11-22
Views: 4961
Downloads: 1943


Change Log
Weapon specs changes:

All weapons have been set to the same settings as Joint Operations.
MK23 pistol has new sighting.
.357 pistol has new sighting.
M9 Baretta pistol has new sighting.
Glock17 has new sighting.
M1911A1 has new sighting.
All sniper rifles have been changed to show elevation and magnitude.
All sniper rifles have new scopes

Magnitude have also been changed for each sniper rifle.
Engineer can now carry remmington shotgun as well.
Amount of ammo reduced for the SVD rifle
Flaregun ammo reduced to 3 shots per loadout and made it non-lethal.
Reduced ammo on m82
Reskinned the 1 medic pack that engineers, snipers, gunner and rifleman can carry as an accesory.
Sniper scope stability has been increased while sitting and proning.
Sniper weapons get extra score if you use it successfully
Javelin has now lock sound and the ingame hud text is now showing.
Engineer can now also carry parachute
When selecting Thermal Vission Goggles it starts zoomed out and not fully zoomed in like before.
P90 sound fix. Sound could be heard all over the map.
M9 Knife can be selected by both teams. Meatknife has been suspended, we're working on something better, maybe throwing knives. :D
Gunner can now carry M9 Beretta
MK23 can now be carried by Engineer and Sniper.
M1911A1 pistol can now be carried by Gunner.
Parachute is now visible in the hud when carried by a player.
Body armor is now visible in the hud when carried by a player.
Grenade and flashbang hud picture edited.
AK47 Auto/Semi has been reintroduced for Engineer, Rifleman and Medic.
L1A1 SLR rifle has now a semi automatic mode, and recoil is reduced to improve aim.

Objects changes:

Shuttle fix. You can now walk on the platform.
New Cobra model and husk.
New Porsche model and husk.
Husk wreckage for bicycle, firetruck, P51, quad racer, trolley, scobydoo van, A-10, esu-25, coast guard boat, plum crazy boat
Trntileexp2 has been fixed. The alignment is now correct.
A-10 gear system has been turned off to prevent a serious glitch, when placing other vehicles in a map.
M109 Tank hud pic changed.
Increased hit points on planes.
Reduced speed and changed sound on Blimp.
KA-52 Helo can switch between firing minigun and rockets
"AW: Local Store, Interior" fix. You can now access the interior of the building by opening the doors, added door opening sound.
"PBR-MK2 Assault Boat, Drivable" removed until we can find out why it is only visible for the host and not all players.
Hot Air balloon hud pic corrected.
Reduced gun damage on BMP2 tank and Tuguska tank
Tanks with turrets now show elevation, distance and magnitude.
Reduced speed to prevent lag on all jet planes.
Reduced speed on cobra, blackhawk with skies
The Med no longer crashes when you try and use the 3d view for things like people. (Thanks to EE for his fix!)
Punkbuster support

Sound changes

Loading music length has been shortened.
Radio Voices fix. Bad language in voices have been changed as per requested by the public
Bad language of AIs removed.
Car alarm goes off when civilian cars like Lada, Lincoln and White limo are destroyed.
88 Flak Cannon sound changed.

Map changes:

TKOTH Rollercoaster map fixes.
TK City Life fixes.
AAS City Life fixes.
TK Chernobyl Redux fixes.
CO - Bloody Red Tour fix.
Posted by Eagle_Eye on 4-12-07 at 16:37

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