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DFLW Med 1.92b
Description: Prefered Unlocked Med for DFLW Mapping - Win XP compatible
Size: 102.19 Kb
Type: application/zip
Date Added: 23-4-06
Last Download: 17-3-23
Views: 40813
Downloads: 778


File Notes
DFLWMEDc Version 1.92b

This version use updated to include the following items:
New Fixes:

Built from Novalogic's 1.92 MED that Included:
2/14/01 -- Version 1.00.26

Mission editor is now usable with the small install selection

Previous Fixes:

/SHOWALL Feature turned on so that you no longer need to add it to start the MED

Updated EDIT Menu
Wav File Names - added to the menu (Feature no fully tested) - adding items
here will show up the in the MIS files as BEGIN WAV_LIST section.

Event Triggers Added
CampVar - trigger type was added to check if a Campaign Variable is set.

Group Trigger Condition
Seen Enemy - condition added for when AI sees the opposing team.
Finishes Waypoint - condition for when a waypoint list is completed.
All Intact - Checks to see if all items in group are alive.

Event Actions Added
Set Campaign Variables - Set a Campaign Variable
Output Text - Sets text to be displayed when triggered (from the sound files)
PlayWavList - Sets a Wav to play when triggered
Green Win - Green or Neutral teams wins if trigger meet.
Area AI, Blue - Changes the AI of blue group within an Area
Area AI, Red - Changes the AI of red group within an Area
Change Group - Change from one group to another group
Group Teleport - Teleports selected group to selected target.

Event AI Subtype Actions Added
Attention Span
Deaf Guns
Deaf Yells

As with Version 1.91c ALL Hidden items are visiable both in the menu and on
the forms.

Happy Editing!!!!
Posted by Eagle_Eye on 23-4-06 at 10:00

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