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Board Fort
Description: This map consists of a completely new structure composed of mostly wooden planks. The Red and Blue base are on opposite ends of the fort on twin peaks overlooking the battlefield. This map is instant action, There is a PSP smack dab in the middle of the fort that gives the players something to fight for, all off the player classes will have something to do here, there is just enough visibility for snipers to snipe, yet enough fog to keep frame rates down, there are plenty of places to hide, in both man made structures and terrain features. CQB will have a field day, medics will be on the move, gunners will have good cover. This is version 1.5 of board fort and I am open to any suggestions. I hope you guys like the map, I have more on the way.
Game Type: TDM
Uploaded By: M*O*B
Version: BHD
Size: 261.97 Kb
Type: application/zip
Screenshot: Click to view original image size of 300 X 240.
Date Submitted: 19-10-12
Submitted By: M*O*B
Date Added: 19-10-12
Last Download: 22-5-23
Views: 853
Downloads: 340


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