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International Conflict 3.2.2 Full
Description: This is the full install of the updated 3.2.2 IC Mod
Creator: Various
Version: 3.2.2
Size: 360.17 Mb
Type: application/octet-stream
Date Added: 31-8-06
Last Download: 27-11-22
Views: 5171
Downloads: 2171


IC v3 Release Notes
-Skins: IC skins totally revamped, some smaller changes to stock skins. IC skins are now country-generic.

-Terrains: R8Bob terrain pack (a big TY to the author for his permission to use), a WWI trench style terrain, a mayan

temple style terrain

-Weapons: Thermite grenade (anti-vehicle, also destroys S&D targets), CAR15. A large number of small changes have been

made to weapon characteristics for better balance and more interesting gameplay. For example, body armor now has a more

significant impact. These changes are not intended to change "the way the game plays". Sniper rifles can no longer kill

tanks/APCs. A number of weapon sights have also been modified. Some weapons reskinned.

-Bots: over 40 bots added, including desert and snow bots and bots with different weapons. Pre-existing bots have been

changed back to stock behavior (no bots proning on you), but you can still add them to maps. Bot documentation updated.

-Vehicle husks now work (previously would only show on the server host and not the clients). However, they have new ID

numbers so you will have to add them to maps. The existing (and non-working) husks are no-tool'd and will not appear in


-Buildings/objects highlights: power plant, tunnel system, DF2 inspired buildings (most destroyable), large camo nets,

power grid pylons, climbable pully, destroyable walls and fireplace

-Vehicles: Desert M1A1 skin modified, jungle T80 added (2 options), 2 more Puma skin options, added 1 desert Ka52

-Flags have been returned to stock (no longer US/Iraq), IC labeled flags are now country-generic.

-Added selector sound to rifles

-Fixed one of the stock graffiti objects that we messed up some time ago.

-OH58 choppers strengthened a bit to make up for the collision box on the rotors allowing you to hit the empty space


-IC:BHD Target Building B was missing 3di, fixed

-BHD additions: colombian rope bridge, medevil fortress set, above ground bunker firing wall set

-Green directional arrow for vehicle driving made smaller.

Posted by Eagle_Eye on 31-8-06 at 15:57
Updated by Eagle_Eye on 31-8-06 at 15:57

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