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NDCD 8 Player Coop 1.00.42
Description: NOCd check fixed 8 Player patch
Creator: Othello
Game Type: SP/Coop
Version: 1.00.42
Size: 649.42 Kb
Type: application/zip
Date Added: 12-8-06
Last Download: 17-3-23
Views: 1803
Downloads: 670


File Details
For DFLW v1.00.42

* Cd check fixed
* 8 player Coop
* Save/load option for custom missions

Note about the save/load option:
You can save/load your custom SP, or MP Coop missions in SP Quick mission mode, with F11 (or whatever key you attributed the save game to).
Since "save game" was only possible with the stock SP missions, you have to consider the following in order to make this feature work:

the name of your bms should NOT be longer than 11 alfa-numeric characters (extension NOT included). The hyphen and underscore are allowed, special characters and spaces should NOT be used.

your bms file has to be packed into the Dflw.pff file AND in the gamedir (important). Although you can only see 3 available slots, you can save/load up to 9 slots (1 to 9 on the keyboard - not the keypad!).

Upon saving, you will notice that a bmx file will be created in the gamedir.
The bmx file name will be preceded with a 0 (zero), then the actual name and will end with the save slot number.

Let's say your bms file is called
You save your position in slot 1.
The bmx file will be saved in the gamedir as: 0Testing1.bmx

Othello ;)
Posted by Eagle_Eye on 12-8-06 at 13:05

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